BCB Finalists and Winners

Trophies for winners

I would like to interrupt the regular programming of this column to offer a congratulations to all the Bold City Best finalists and winners. I often recommend that you read reviews and “check out” a company prior to hiring them. A wonderful way to do this is by starting your search with the Bold City Best finalist and winners list.

Being on this list is a good sign that you are working with a reputable company. These are the people your friends and neighbours’ trust. There are 152 categories across home services, beauty & health, dining, pet services, finance and more. This is a great resource list for the typical product and service vendors that most homeowners need.

My wife and I attended this year’s Awards Gala and had a wonderful time. As the finalists in each category went up on the wall it was difficult to anticipate the winner, because we knew all the finalists were great outfits. Sometimes we guessed correctly, often not. It was nice to see and hear the excitement as winning names were announced. Being a finalist, even if not a winner, is no small feat. Win or lose, I hope everybody left proud. I would encourage you to treat all the finalists as great options if you need their respective services.

Mr. Handyman was, again, a finalist (seventh year). We were awarded, again, the Bold City Best winner’s plaque in the Handyman Service Company category. This is our sixth year as a BCB winner. We are immensely proud of this and will be planning a celebration with the staff. This is their win. They do the demanding work, make your problems go away, earn customers trust, and leave them happy.

I would also like to thank you, our readers and clients alike, for your trust and this recognition. I remind the staff every year that we are not a great service provider and reputable company because we have a bunch of awards on the wall. We have a bunch of awards on the wall because we are a great service provider and reputable company – and they have to prove it every day, in every home or business they enter.

A final thought to share. The Bold City Best winners and finalists in their respective categories are unlikely to be the cheapest option for the service they provide. If people are not earning your trust, and repeat business, it is time to try out the best companies in town. They might cost a bit more, and you might just find that they are absolutely worth it.

We hear so many stories of disappointment from consumers who are calling around to get something done, and nobody is calling back. Or, who thought they had an appointment, but nobody showed up. Or, who had somebody show up and start their project, but then did not return to finish. Others wrote a check as a deposit, or for materials, and that is the last they heard from the person supposed to do the work.

Know that every aspect of how Mr. Handyman operates is to offset some of the common problems that consumers experience. We have office staff during business hours to take your calls, answer questions and to schedule appointments. While we cannot control the weather during outside projects, it is our intent to return daily until your project is completed. If there is ever an issue with our work, we return and resolve it; we do not duck your calls.

Focusing on the total customer experience is how Mr. Handyman became a seven-time Bold City Best finalist, and six-time winner. If you have been frustrated with the rest and want to work with the best, please give Mr. Handyman a call.