Addresses Matter

I had a recent conversation that I thought worth sharing. While visiting a jobsite and chatting with a new customer she explained that her primary reason for hiring our business was that we had a good reputation, and our address was listed online. I found this interesting and asked her to explain.

It seems that she had started her project with somebody a friend had used. He seemed nice enough at first, but what he got done looked bad, and he disappeared mid-project. She was already out some money, and it was going to cost her more to get it redone. That’s where we (and our address) came in.

For the first guy she realized that there was little she could do. She could not raise her concerns to a manager or business owner, file a complaint with the BBB, or go to the office and protest. She had not hired a company with an office, a manager, or a reputation to protect. In starting over, she wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

Driving around Jacksonville, you may have seen a hand lettered sign that says, “Tree work”, “Crown Molding” or “Pressure Washing” and a phone number. If you happen to be in the market for tree work, crown holding or pressure washing and are tempted to call one of these numbers, I’d like to urge a bit of caution. Consider the story recounted above.

“Off the grid” service providers in any industry come with risks. Their appeal is below market rates. If things go well, you may feel you have gotten a deal, but if things go poorly, you have little recourse. The home improvement industry has a horrible reputation, and people that do side-work as a full-time gig are a big part of the reason way. Yet, people continue to roll the dice and hire them, hoping to get everything they want at below market rates.

While most consumers with a bad experience feel like they have been taken advantage of financially, other risks exist. In June of 2002 Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped by a person her parents had hired to do odd jobs around their home. While their intentions were golden, to help a person in need, their daughter spent 9 months with captives before escaping.

I started in this industry in high school as a kid in the neighborhood doing odd jobs for neighbors before working for a builder. I was “off the grid” doing carpentry, paint, drywall repairs and cutting lawns. It pains me to say this, but the world has changed in dangerous ways and hiring somebody ‘off the grid’ can be financially risky, and even dangerous, these days.

Mr. Handyman is a company you can trust. Professional, safe, and reliable service and convenient, all work Mr. Handyman completes is backed by our Done Right Promise®. If there is an issue, we simply return and address it. Our office staff are here to handle your inquiries and schedule appointments during business hours, and our in-home staff are all employees that have been screened for your safety.

We know you have choices in who you have into your home. Call the company your friends and neighbors trust, call Mr. Handyman, or anyone in the Neighborly family of brands for needs around your home.