Laundry Room Remake

The laundry room is an often used, but underappreciated space in most homes. I come and go through a lot of laundry rooms while visiting jobs each week, and a majority are pretty dull. Then, there are the exceptions, where somebody had a vision that made their laundry room a neat space.

Every laundry room is unique. The size of the room and what the customer wants to do with that space, are unique from home to home; but the nicer rooms I’ve seen had some things in common.

First, imaging an empty room, and start considering your needs by considering flooring. If you already have nice tile installed that matches the home, then this does not need to be an area of focus. If the builder installed sheet vinyl, you could change the look of the room with flooring. Because of the moisture in laundry rooms, I suggest you avoid any type of laminate flooring. Plank flooring is popular and looks great. You can find this in ceramic tile, or luxury vinyl plank.

A wash basin for mops, pets, and anything you do not want to wash in your kitchen sink, is a nice addition if space allows. If you are using this room for storage, cabinets are also a great option in place of wire shelving. The laundry products and bulk buys from Costco can go into wall mounted cabinets above the washer and dryer. They will hold more than builder grade wire shelving, are better organized, and it is a much nicer look.

Consider color as you create the picture of your ideal laundry room. Because this is a utility room, builders often install cream flooring with white walls. With the washer-dryer installed the room has no character. I have seen flooring, cabinets and paint combinations that really worked well together and made the laundry room far less utilitarian. Add an old window frame with a beachfront poster behind it and you can think of someplace you would rather be while folding laundry.

Lighting is the last touch. A single bulb in the ceiling is often insufficient, and fluorescent lighting often ads to the utilitarian impression. Find a light fixture that both brightens and compliments the space at the same time.

A laundry room makeover is something a reasonably experienced DIY person might do themselves, and even if you hire somebody it will be far less costly than a kitchen or bath makeover. Depending on space and needs, cubbyholes for kids’ stuff, baskets for shoes, and hooks for jackets are practical accents. Nobody likes doing laundry, but you can like the space where you do it.

Once you have that vision of what your future laundry room should look like, Mr. Handyman is ready and waiting to help if this is not something want to do yourself. We certainly respect folks that favor a DIY approach, but some simply do not have the time, the ability or the desire to do a project like this. And, if you want to do some of the project, but want to make sure the wall cabinets are secure, we can just assist with that one aspect of your project while you do the rest.

Our staff is experienced, highly skilled, great with customers and gets great customer feedback. Check us out online if you have any concerns about us being the ‘typical’ handyman. You will find there is simply no one like us!