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A drywall repairman in Bellevue using a large putty knife to smooth out a layer of fresh joint compound on a repaired wall.

Hiring a Bellevue Drywall Repairman: 10 Questions Homeowners Should Ask First

We admit it—walls are not the most noticeable or exciting part of a building. Even a textured wall isn't that interesting. That's why it's completely understandable that most Bellevue homeowners rarely give it a second thought. But when your drywall has suffered damage, your eyes can't help but go straight to the problem area every time you enter a room. That’s a problem that can be solved by your local Bellevue drywall repairman.

Wall damage isn't just an unappealing cosmetic problem though. It makes your home or commercial property less comfortable, raises your energy bill by allowing warm or cool air to escape inside your walls, and invites pests such as insects and rodents to infest your property.

When your walls are in bad shape, you need help from a professional drywall repairman such as the experts at Mr. Handyman of Southeast Bellevue. But, before you hire a Bellevue handyman, there are a few questions you should ask to make sure your skilled technicians are the right fit for your home. This guide will explain 10 questions to ask before you seal the deal for your drywall repair project.

What a Bellevue Drywall Repairman Can Do For You

Want to know what you can expect from a drywall repairman? An experienced service professional should be ready and willing to take care of the complete drywall repair process, including:

  • Removing old material

  • Mudding

  • Sanding

  • Joint taping

  • Painting and refinishing your wall

However, just doing the repair work is the bare minimum. Something caused your wall to become damaged in the first place, and you may know exactly what that was — careless furniture movers or household accidents causing a dented wall or nail holes from pictures, for example. But sometimes the cause of damage is more of a mystery. When you don't know what caused a problem such as stress cracks, loose joint tape, popping screws, or water damage coming from a roof leak, you need to find out and get it repaired as well, and this is where having a talented handyman on your side is really helpful.

Mr. Handyman's Bellevue drywall repair professionals will track damage to its source and eliminate that as well, so you don't need to worry that you'll be dealing with reoccurring damage in a few weeks or months. We are experienced in repair trades, including water damage repair, so we may be able to find issues that others would miss and get them repaired on the spot to avoid more extensive damage to your property. We'll also rehang your framed photos and curtains for the finishing touches on your repair job!

What Should You Ask Before Hiring a Bellevue Drywall Repairman?

It can be stressful to have someone working on your home or commercial property, but asking these questions first will smooth the process and help to ensure that you're hiring a capable, skilled worker who will behave professionally and courteously at all times. Any drywall company or drywall repairman in Bellevue who is proud of the work they are doing will be happy to answer these questions, so don't hesitate to ask!

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It's not necessarily a bad thing if a company has only been operating for a short time — after all, they may be experienced and are just starting up a new business. If it has only been a few weeks and it's an independent business, that's a potential red flag. It could mean that they are a scam company that is planning to take your money without completing the work to your satisfaction and you should proceed with caution.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have With Drywall Repair Services?

Practice makes perfect, so usually the more experienced the repairman is, the better the quality of their work. Handymen who have done a lot of repair projects will be able to get the job done right the first time and find innovative repair solutions when necessary. You can also look for recent business reviews to determine how long a company has been operating—and to see if there are any potential companies you may want to avoid because of bad reviews.

3. Can I See Photos of Your Completed Work?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and most handymen are well aware of that. That's why it's common for a repairman who is proud of his efforts to take before-and-after photos that they are happy to show potential clients. By checking out photos of completed work, you can judge for yourself if it's up to your standards.

4. What is Your Rough Estimate of How Long This Job Might Take?

It's good to find out roughly how long they expect a project to take, because it may influence the cost of the repair and also helps you plan your own schedule in case you need to take time off work. However, it's important to keep in mind that it's only an estimate. They won't be able to provide a more accurate timeline until they've seen the problem in person.

5. Can You Find and Repair the Source of Damaged Walls?

We mentioned above that the actual repair is only part of the job. If you don't know what type of damage is affecting your walls, it's important to find a Bellevue drywall repairman who is able to find and fix the source of the damage. Otherwise, you'll just have the same problem again and need even more services for drywall repair in Bellevue.

6. Will You Refinish the Wall After the Drywall Repair?

Once the drywall patch is in place or the new sheet is in place, the job is not yet complete. After that patch application process, the wall still needs a fresh coat of paint to refinish it and make the repair invisible, leaving behind a seamless, smooth surface. You don't want to have to hire a professional painter for a relatively small job, so it's helpful if the drywall contractor or repairman you hire can take care of refinishing and leave you with a beautiful wall.

7. Do You Clean Up After Yourself?

Drywall repair is messy work, and someone has to clean up afterward — ideally, that someone will not be you. Mr. Handyman's service professionals always clean up after themselves to minimize disruption in your home and ensure that all you need to do is sit back and admire your perfect new wall.

8. Who Is Responsible for Moving Furniture Out of the Way?

There's probably some furniture in front of or near the wall that needs repairs, and it'll need to be moved out of the way. Your Bellevue drywall repairman might be fine with doing that themselves, but others might expect it to be taken care of before they arrive. Either way, asking in advance helps both sides understand the expectations and be prepared.

9. Are Your Professional Technicians Licensed and Insured?

You want to make sure that the Bellevue drywall repairman you hire has all applicable licenses and is fully insured with general liability and workers' compensation. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong on the job site (i.e. your property), you need to know that you will not be on the hook to cover costs for chance accidents. All Mr. Handyman's professional technicians have the licensing and insurance required for drywall repair in Bellevue.

10. Is Your Workmanship Guaranteed?

Finally, you should find out what will happen if the job is not completed correctly. Will they get it fixed up at no extra cost to you, or will you be left in the lurch? That's what Mr. Handyman's Done Right Promise is all about: if it's not done right, we'll make it right!

If You Need Help WIth a Bellevue Drywall Repair Job, You Can Trust Mr. Handyman to Provide Expert Services

Is your home or commercial property in Bellevue or nearby areas suffering from drywall damage? Whether you’ve got small cracks or larger holes, you can rely on the professional drywall repair pros at Mr. Handyman of Southeast Bellevue for quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

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