All is well and sunny in Sunnyvale, TX. Come visit our charming Texan town, where you can experience the delightful ambiance of a tranquil rural community. This is the perfect destination for weary travelers seeking a tranquil respite amidst the stunning landscapes of East Texas and the lively urban atmosphere of Dallas. The houses are beautiful, and the town is constantly growing. Homes are an extension of ourselves, and much like the folk who inhabit them, homes require care, maintenance, and attention.

However, finding a reliable handyman service can be time-consuming. For optimal cost-effectiveness, it is highly advisable to enlist the services of a skilled professional to undertake tasks such as drywall repair, window installation and repairs, as well as custom carpentry services. Not knowing where to find help can be frustrating unless you can count on a local handyman in Sunnyvale, TX. 

Your home is one of your most precious possessions. Your handyman in Sunnyvale, TX, should be experienced and capable of getting the job done effectively and efficiently. This is where Mr. Handyman of Dallas comes in. Our professional Sunnyvale handyman has extensive experience in providing a wide range of repair, maintenance, and improvement services for both homes and businesses. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction through our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship.  

About Our Sunnyvale Handyman Services: Process, Precision, and Patience

As a local business in Texas, we want to ensure that we offer high-quality services to Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas of Addison, Balch Springs, Richardson, Dallas and beyond to not only solidify our reputation but because we're also locals. Rest assured that our highly skilled Sunnyvale team is fully insured and boasts an impressive 5–10 years of invaluable experience. Additionally, we have diligently fulfilled all the essential training and certification prerequisites, ensuring your complete peace of mind. 

Have more questions about our handyman in Sunnyvale, TX? Or perhaps you want to schedule an appointment with our team? Give us a call and experience the difference with Mr. Handyman in your next home improvement project. Keep reading to find out more about the range of services we offer for both your home and business. 

Drywall Repair

Drywall is prefabricated sheets of wall that can also be used for ceilings. Drywall is a highly favored construction material in the United States due to its affordability and speedy installation process, making it the top choice for homeowners. Furthermore, drywall also boasts an excellent fire rating and is lightweight. 

The pros of drywall typically outweigh the cons associated with the material. However, drywall is not the most durable, nor is it resistant to moisture. It is true that painting and priming drywall can help increase water resistance, but it won't make it more durable. Adding baseboards and chair rail trim is an excellent method for safeguarding against potential damage. But when the going gets tough, the need for drywall repair is most likely inevitable. Here are some of the warning signs for damaged drywall that needs repair:

Cracks: Even with the most valiant measures to protect your drywall, the material may still crack. Often due to the natural settling of your home, it can also be a sign of foundation damage or change. If you neglect to repair cracks, they will only worsen over time. Getting a professional involved can help you catch these issues early on. 

Holes: The size of holes can differ due to improper hanging of items, infestation by pests, or damage caused by impact. Holes are ruthless, so they can allow dust, pests, and insulation into your home. Be sure to get your holes patched up as soon as they occur. 

Water damage: Your drywall can absorb moisture, leading to expansion, which can result from a plumbing leak or high humidity in your bathroom. If you notice a discolored section on your wall, it could indicate a leak. Ignoring this issue can have serious consequences, including the spread of wood rot and the growth of harmful mold. While priming and painting are beneficial, it is important to note that moisture contacting the back of your drywall cannot be repelled. If your home has had a recent leak, get it inspected right away.  

Nail pops: Sometimes the wood that contractors use hasn't fully dried during the building process of a home. When this type of wood is used for wall studs, when drywall gets fastened with drywall nails or screws, nails will be forced outwards as the wood begins to dry.  

Window Installation and Repairs

Nothing beats the euphoric feeling of opening your windows to evade your home of stuffiness. Letting that warm May breeze on a sunny day is one of life's simple pleasures that each household should experience. But if your window doesn't close properly, Houston, we've got a problem! Contact our professional handyman services to get your windows back in optimal functioning. 

On average, windows will last between 15 and 30 years. Depending on the craftsmanship of the original installer, materials, and weather conditions. Indicative signs that your windows need a replacement or repair

  • Frequent condensation on the glass
  • Peeling or cracking on the exterior of your windows
  • Drafty

We don't just install or replace windows. Your handyman in Sunnyvale extends their services to:

  • Window frame repair
  • Window weatherproofing 
  • And window screen repair and replacement

Custom Carpentry Services

If all houses looked the same as in a Dr. Seuss book, features like crown molding or a custom fireplace wouldn't exist. Custom shelving or bookcases have the potential to enhance the appearance and functionality of your home far beyond the impact of a simple repainting or redecorating project. Our service professionals can revamp the interior and exterior by offering custom carpentry such as:

  • Crown molding installation and repair
  • Mantel installation
  • Deck and patio construction 
  • And much more! 

Additional Services Sunnyvale Can Benefit From

  • Ceiling fan installation repair 
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
  • Deck repair and maintenance
  • And much more!

Proudly Serving Sunnyvale and the Surrounding Areas

Historically, the town of Sunnyvale is a relatively young Dallas County community. But just because we're young doesn't mean we aren't growing! Whether you decide to tour around museums and theaters or go for a round of golf, you will never be bored. Here at Mr. Handyman of Dallas, we are true professionals and highly-rated local pros dedicated to satisfying customers. Our Sunnyvale handyman services don't just end here; we are proudly delivering handyman services to our friends and neighbors in Richardson, Garland, Rowlett, and Mesquite

Choose Mr. Handyman for Your Property Improvement Projects and Benefit From:

  • Qualified technicians
  • Upfront pricing
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Guaranteed workmanship 
  • Superior customer service

End Your Search For A Versatile Handyman in Sunnyvale, TX – Trust the Pros at Mr. Handyman

Residents of Sunnyvale, TX can depend on Mr. Handyman of Dallas for top-notch service and exceptional customer care. Quit putting off repairs and pesky maintenance tasks because we are here to do them for you. Get in contact with us today by contacting our amazing customer services, or book a service request online. You're only one call away from experiencing the ultimate maintenance and repair service! Call our qualified handyman in Sunnyvale, TX; you won't regret it!