Are you sick and tired of having all your free time eaten up by a long list of nagging home repair and maintenance tasks? Most Gainesville, TX homeowners want to keep their property in excellent condition, but they also want to prioritize time with family and focus on the things that matter most to them—which don't include spending weekends cleaning gutters or patching drywall. Unless you’re a Gainesville handyman, these types of projects may also not be something you’re familiar with or comfortable doing.

That's why it's completely understandable that Gainesville homeowners tend to procrastinate on household maintenance and desperately needed improvements. Every house needs repair sooner or later, but not everyone has the time, tools, or ability to get them done. The problem arises when those small issues are neglected for so long that they turn into major headaches that are much more costly and time-consuming to fix.

Fortunately, there's a way to avoid stress and keep your property functioning perfectly—let your qualified handyman take care of home repairs, maintenance, and improvements for you! Our service professionals have the skill and hands-on experience required to offer quality workmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction on every job. There's no need to give yourself the hassle of hiring multiple contractors to handle this and that when Mr. Handyman is your convenient one-call solution to get every task crossed off your to-do list quickly and efficiently.

If you've had a negative experience in the past with other home service businesses, it can be nerve-wracking to trust someone to work on your home again. Finding a technician by searching for a “handyman near me” can lead you to hire the wrong person for the job. You deserve a safe, worry-free experience, and our Gainesville handyman professionals are committed to providing exactly that by always treating you and your property with respect. We'll communicate honestly with you, arrive on time for your scheduled appointment, and answer any questions you may have before we begin. That way, we can make sure that the final reveal of your finished project exceeds your expectations for quality of service.

A smiling handyman dressed in the Mr. Handyman uniform and talking with a homeowner at their front door.

Professional Handyman Services in Gainesville, TX

As a locally owned and operated business, we are proud to serve the residents of Gainesville and the surrounding areas, including Whitesboro, Aubrey and Little Elm. By offering diversified services, we’ll enhance the comfort and livability of your home. Our home improvement services fall into three main categories: major and minor home repairs, maintenance, and installation. If you need help with large projects, such as home improvement and remodeling projects, our Gainesville handyman specialists will be there from demolition all the way to the end.

Need more info about the types of handyman services that we offer to improve your property, or are you looking for some expert advice on a project that has been on your mind? Give us a call and chat with our friendly customer experience staff, or keep reading to find out more about our popular services provided by a local handyman in Gainesville, TX.

Gutter Cleaning

Who wants to spend their weekend up on a wobbly ladder, scooping handfuls of gross, rotted muck out of their rain gutters?

If that thought doesn't really appeal to you, you're certainly not alone. Cleaning gutters is a big chore at the best of times, but it can be next to impossible if you have reduced mobility or just don't want to get your hands (and everything else) dirty. However, neglecting your gutters can leave your home vulnerable to serious damage that requires interventions such as exterior trim repair.

Normally, your gutters collect rainwater from the roof and channel it safely away from the house where it can't do any harm. But when they're crammed full of dead leaves, dirt, animal nests, and other debris, the water has nowhere to go and pours down the exterior walls of the house instead, causing moisture damage issues that range from a leaky roof to a cracked foundation and everything in between.

The team at Mr. Handyman will not only get your gutters clean as a whistle, but we'll also fix any breaks or weak points and can even install gutter guards to help ensure they don't fill up so fast in the future.

Deck Repair and Refinishing

Sitting out on the deck, soaking up the sunshine and socializing with friends and neighbors is one of the very best parts of warm weather, but if your deck is in poor condition, hazards such as popping nails and wobbly railings can really bring the summer fun grinding to a halt.

Is your deck in need of repair and refinishing? Here are a few signs that it's crying out for help from a handyman in Gainesville, TX:

  • Rotten deck boards
  • Loose handrails
  • Weak stairs that dip when stepped on
  • Peeling, chipping paint or wood stain
  • Weathered, gray, splintery wood
  • Built-up dirt, grime, algae, mildew, and other unwelcome substances
  • Water pooling around concrete footings and deck posts
  • Soil erosion exposing buried part of posts

We can get your deck back in like-new condition—or build your dream deck from the ground up, tailored to your needs and specifications. But it doesn't have to stop at repairs! While you have a talented carpenter working on your deck, why not add some modifications that will transform it into your favorite part of the house? Here are a few ideas for deck improvements:

  • Built-in seating around the perimeter of the deck
  • Raised wooden walkway leading to a gazebo or garage
  • Custom designed flower boxes and planters
  • Countertop by the grill for an outdoor food preparation area
  • TV mounted on the exterior wall so you can watch the game outside

Whether you just need basic home repairs and deck refinishing or want to completely transform your yard, our reliable handyman services are there to bring your vision to life while not straying from your budget.

Furniture Assembly

Have you ever brought home a brand-new piece of flat-pack furniture, confident that you'll have it put together in no time, only to discover that the instructions appear to be written in ancient hieroglyphics? If the sight of an Allen key gives you a stress headache, don't panic! Our local pros have wrestled with all types of furniture assembly and managed to get them put together correctly.

Furniture and items we can assemble include:

  • Bed frames, futons
  • Sofas
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Shelving units, storage racks
  • Entertainment centers
  • Cabinets
  • Patio furniture
  • Grills
  • Bicycles
  • Play equipment
  • Exercise equipment

Our Gainesville handyman professionals also have significant experience in carpentry and can make custom cabinets, mantels, shelves, and bookcases for your Gainesville home. If you can dream it, we can do it.

A colorful reclining deck chair before and after it has been assembled by Mr. Handyman.

Painting Services

Whether you’re a Gainesville homeowner or business owner, interior and exterior painting can be transformative to a space. It’s also one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to change up the appearance of a building. Plus, if you decide the color isn’t for you, you can easily paint over it in a few years’ time.

The painting process can be somewhat tedious. A quality paint job requires spending a lot of time taping off frames and baseboards. Some experience is required to ensure that the final product doesn’t look streaky or patchy. Our Gainesville handyman team has the experience to do your paint job right. Some of our interior painting jobs include:

  • Crown molding and trim painting
  • Door painting
  • Furniture painting and staining
  • And more!

Outdoor painting isn’t just a matter of curb appeal—it’s also responsible for protecting the structural integrity of your home. Though vinyl products have become increasingly popular in building construction, many Gainesville homes still have lots of wood elements. As beautiful as wood is, it also requires a lot of maintenance to make it last. Without proper maintenance, wood will develop wood rot, which is difficult to stop once it begins to spread.

To prevent wood rot, your wooden deck and porch should be restained, repainted, and/or resealed every few years. Our Gainesville handyman experts can strip your old stain and apply a couple of coats of a new one to get your deck not only looking great again, but performing great as well.

Drywall Repair

One of the most popular indoor repairs requested of a handyman in Gainesville, TX is drywall and ceiling repair. Drywall makes up a significant portion of your home and is constantly exposed to activity and movement. Some of the most common causes of drywall damage include:

  • Holes from impact with doorknobs
  • Dart throwing holes
  • Drywall anchor holes
  • Dents from furniture
  • Kid and pet damage
  • Cracks from settling

Holes and cracks in your drywall are almost inevitable, but because they often don’t pose a structural problem, many Gainesville homeowners put off repairing them. However, they can be a point of embarrassment when friends and family come to visit.

Our Gainesville handyman team has seen it all. There’s no drywall or ceiling repair that we can’t do. Some of our drywall repair services include:

  • Drywall mudding
  • Drywall patching
  • Drywall sanding
  • Drywall seam and joint taping
  • Drywall painting

A wall in a laundry room with a large hole before and after drywall repairs have been completed by Mr. Handyman.

Other Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services

While the above are some of our most frequently requested services, our clients looking for a handyman in Gainesville, TX have hired us for other services as well. If your project involves home maintenance, repairs, or installations, there’s a good chance that we can do it! Other services you might require help with include:

  • Flooring installation, including wood, laminate, and tile installation
  • Power washing and pressure washing
  • Remodeling services, including kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling
  • Rotten siding repair
  • Fascia and soffit repair
  • Installation and repairs for doors—exterior and interior!
  • Carpentry
  • Caulking
  • And other odd jobs

For a complete list of our services, take a look at our local services list or give our Mr. Handyman of Frisco office a call.

The Leading Choice For Reputable Gainesville Handyman Services

Mr. Handyman is a national franchise that has been in business for over 25 years. We attribute our success to being able to meet a glaring need present in the industry and one that still persists today—an absence of reputable handyman professionals.

When you search for a “handyman near me,” you’ll generate a long list of local choices for a handyman in Gainesville, TX. Separating the general contractor without any experience and training from the ones with all the necessary credentials is no easy task.

At Mr. Handyman, we provide a professional handyman service that stands out from the competition. Our service providers have an average of ten years of experience in the handyman and carpentry industry, so you know you’re getting quality workmanship when you book an appointment with us. All of our handyman professionals also undergo a background check program and are drug tested.

As a Neighborly company franchise, our locally owned and operated business is founded on three core values: respect, integrity, and customer focus. While providing Gainesville home services with a high standard of quality is a top priority, it’s not all that is required for our customers to have a great experience. We show respect by showing up on time, taking care to treat your home as if it were our own, and cleaning up after ourselves when we’re done. We also provide a guarantee that the job will be done properly. If it’s not, we’ll come back and make things right.

When you work with a Gainesville handyman contractor from Mr. Handyman of Frisco, you can be confident that your expectations will not just be met but exceeded.

Count on Mr. Handyman for Local, Trusted Repair Services in Gainesville, TX

When your Gainesville home needs repairs, maintenance services, and improvements, you can trust the reliable, customer satisfaction-focused Gainesville handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Frisco to get the job done right the first time. We’re proud to serve not just the city of Frisco, but the surrounding communities of Prosper, Little Elm, Aubrey, and beyond as well.

Are you ready to stop putting off that home repair or other larger projects? Pick up the phone today and give our friendly and professional customer service representatives a call, or make a service request online to book an appointment or find out more about how we can make your life easier!