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Front of a house with Christmas decorations.

Speaking Of Doors

Many homeowners look for projects to dress up their home. This is especially true if you have purchased a previously owned home that you want to make your own. Builders offer enough options during construction to allow for at least some level of customization as part of the build.

Focusing on a single component of the homes, the doors, is one option for the transformation of your home. Something as simple as a ‘stand out’ front door color can make a statement. Including cleaning, sanding as needed and two coats of paint, this is a project a homeowner can do in a weekend.

If paint is not enough for a deteriorating door, then replacement is required. ‘Builder grade’ doors are usually in-stock the local big box home supply store. They often have a six-panel design, can be purchased with a half-moon glass insert at face level, have a pine jamb, and metal skin over a pine frame with a foam core. They are inexpensive, lightweight (easy to maneuver), and weathertight, but they do not age well. Issues with builder grade doors are very common on home inspection reports.

While you can certainly replace an aging builder grade door with the same thing, many opt for an upgrade. A teak or mahogany door with leaded glass insert is beautiful and makes a statement to anyone arriving at your home. With care, it will last forever. Unfortunately, such a door is outside the budget of most homeowners.

Fiberglass doors and jambs, for my money, are a great middle ground. While they are more expensive than builder grade doors (40-70% more depending on the configuration) they require less care than the real wood door and are nowhere near the cost of the teak or mahogany door above. They can have wood grain patterns and come pre-stained to look similar to a wooden door. There are options for glass inserts of various shapes and sizes. This is a heavy door (hard to maneuver, but sturdier in a hurricane and less likely to be kicked in) that will need to be ordered, but they are long lasting and will never rot.

Inside your home doors can also make a statement. Generations of homes in Greater Jacksonville have smooth Luan doors with little character. Upgrading to a six-panel wood door (if your trim is stained and you would like to keep with that theme) or a six-panel composite MDF door with new hardware is a great interior upgrade, and one that will not break most bank accounts.

While doors must be functional, providing security and privacy, nice doors are beautiful accents and will add character to your home. If you like the idea of upgrading some, or all of your doors, but this is not a project you want to take on yourself, know that Mr. Handyman Serving Greater Jacksonville regularly repairs and replaces with interior and exterior doors. You get quality craftsmanship from our professional staff and all work is backed by our Done Right Promise.

If you would like to repair or replace your doors, please contact Mr. Handyman to discuss your needs.