In-Home Service Consultants

When you hire somebody to work in your home your end goal is to get a task (or tasks) completed. You do not have the time, skills, tools, or desire (maybe none of these) so you have hired somebody. Treat this person as your home-service consultant. He or she has wisdom from years of experience that can benefit you if you are up for a discussion.

Consider your financial consultant, or any business consultant you have interacted with at work. Consultants help you navigate situations to arrive at the ‘best’ solution based on your needs and situation. If the person you have hired is not asking questions about your needs and situation, and then offering appropriate guidance, then you may have hired the wrong person.

If you have hired the right person for the job, they will ensure they understand your goals for the project before breaking out the tools. While final decisions are yours as the customer, they should make recommendations for repair vs. replacement based on your situation and their experience.

If you are selling a home the repair in question may be the result of a home inspection done by the buyers. The repair, at a minimum, must pass a re-inspection. As a seller, you likely do not want to go much further than that. This will not be your home in the very near future.

If you have recently purchased this home, then your expectations are likely higher. Instead of a minimum repair on a damaged door, you might be interested in replacing it. A new door with a glass insert will be a nice addition to your home as friends and family arrive to visit. Glass also allows in light and brightens the home.

When working with a consultant, at work or in your home, you have a role to play to arrive at the ‘best’ solution. You must be clear about your priorities. The most ‘cost effective’ solution, which still passed inspection, was the priority for the seller above. A beautiful new door with glass to let light in was a priority for the new homeowner above. You set the priority and goals, let your home-service consultant recommend appropriate solutions for you to consider.

Some consumers believe they know what needs to be done before their service professional arrives, and when their pro recommends another course of action, they are dismissive of the input or suspect he is trying to run up the bill. While it is your home, why hire a consultant and then ignore them. Ask them to explain their recommendation. There may be wisdom in what they share if you are willing listen and learn.

Mr. Handyman Serving Greater Jacksonville’s in-home staff are all seasoned professionals. Experienced in a wide range of skills, including drywall repair, carpentry, tile, siding, doors, and odd jobs of all kinds. We work with many realtors and home-sellers that need noted damage on an inspection report repaired. We also work with many new homeowners to make their house their home. Common projects include installing mini blinds and curtain rods, hanging pictures and mirrors, installing grab bars and railings for those needing something to hold, and various home improvements including backsplashes, flooring upgrades and bathroom remodels.