Top 15 Reasons to Have a Handyman Service On Your Speed Dial

handyman wearing work belt

More and more people are tackling home improvement projects, anything from necessary repairs to fun home upgrades.

While some of these projects can certainly be handled on your own, there are just certain things that should be handled by a handyman service. These professionals can complete a wide range of tasks in your home.

If you're wondering when you should be hiring a handyman, we've compiled fifteen times when you definitely can use the expertise of a professional.

1. Technical Skills Needed

The list of possible home repairs is long and varied. Some projects, like painting a wall, could easily be tackled by an untrained homeowner. But others, like wiring in a new light fixture, can be more difficult without the right skillset.

Trying to tackle a project without the right training and skills can have disastrous consequences.

When your project involves very specific knowledge, it's better to hire a handyman than attempt it on your own. This type of project would include anything electrical, plumbing, or involving your overall home systems like heating or air conditioning.

Damage to these areas could be very expensive and even dangerous. Having the right knowledge going into these projects will save a lot of worry about the final result.

2. On a Time Crunch

Occasionally, a home project needs to be done in a very specific time period. This is especially true when something has unexpectedly broken and is causing damage.

But we don't always have the ability to dedicate the time necessary to the project.

This is another scenario where hiring a handyman is the right solution. The company can send out a technician to handle the repairs or projects while you're busy doing whatever else.

Handymen also know how to get a project done in a timely manner. We all know those projects we've started and taken months to complete.

That kind of dragging on won't happen when you work with a handyman around your house.

3. Specialty Tools Required

Similar to the need for special knowledge or skills, some home projects require specific tools to be completed.

The average home often has a few tools lying around, maybe a hammer and some screwdrivers. But most don't have a full workshop of drills, saws, or other power tools. A handyman company will outfit each of its technicians with the full range of needed tools.

Some tools even have one specific job and can't be used in any other way. It's just not necessary for a homeowner to purchase a tool to use once when they can hire a handyman to do the job instead.

Avoid the annoyance of trying to find, purchase, and learn how to use a specific tool and hire a handyman.

4. Need to Save Money

One of the biggest deterrents to starting home projects is the money that it will take.

When you're doing a budget for a project you have to factor in the materials, tools, time, and anything that comes up unexpectedly. And that doesn't account for the expanded project scope or any problems you create while doing the project.

It could very well save you money in the long run to hire a professional handyman service. They come prepared with the tools needed. It's more unlikely that projects will expand and problems will have to be solved.

The knowledge that the technicians provide could result in a better, more efficient way to complete the project. This will save you money as well.

5. Multi-step Project

Some home projects are very straightforward. They don't take a lot of time because they only have one aspect to them.

Then there are other projects that are much more complicated with many steps. These are the kinds of projects that are perfect for hiring a handyman.

These types of multi-step projects need to be handled carefully in order to get them done right. Each step must be done in the correct order. Expertise and experience help a handyman to know which order to do them in.

A handyman will also know some tricks and tips to make the project move quickly. Like what tasks can be done while others are drying or being finished up.

6. Want Guaranteed Results

Another major excuse that people come up with to avoid doing home projects is that they aren't sure they'll be able to pull it off.

These projects can be intimidating, especially when you know that getting it wrong could lead to damage and more money spent. But most handyman companies will guarantee their work.

This is a promise that the workmanship will be up to set standards, that the project will be completed, and that if something isn't right it will be fixed. That will bring a lot of peace of mind to the homeowner. When you know that the project is going to be done right it's much easier to begin.

Also, these types of guarantees will help you to begin working with a handyman business because you know what quality you can hold them to.

7. Reduce Stress Levels

Any type of renovation, no matter how big or small can bring stress to the homeowner. It's always a little uncertain how things are going to turn out and that is a little worrisome.

Add on top of that the responsibility to complete the project and you've got the potential for very high stress levels.

If home projects make you sweat just thinking about them, you should consider hiring a handyman to do them for you. This makes the whole process much simpler. You just have to say what you want and they'll figure out the rest.

The hands-off approach can ease worry and get you the results you want without the headache.

8. Routine Maintenance

An overlooked part of homeownership is all of the maintenance that needs to be done to keep everything running smoothly.

Routine, scheduled maintenance of all kinds of areas allows you to anticipate and prevent problems. But that can be difficult to do when you don't really know what you're looking for or what things should look like.

Handymen will have the training to know how to perform maintenance on all kinds of things around the house. This could include appliances, systems, and even exterior aspects like siding.

When someone with a trained eye takes a look at the home regularly, they can identify problem areas and suggest solutions.

This type of service can save you major amounts of money over time.

9. Avoid Personal Injury

Sometimes home renovation projects can be a little bit dangerous. While we don't think of them this way, if something goes wrong it can result in serious injury.

Whether it's hurting yourself with a tool or falling off of a ladder while working, most homeowners will want to avoid these results. This can be done by hiring a handyman. That way you're not anywhere near the danger zone when the work is being done.

This protection is especially important for jobs that include electricity or being high up off the ground. Both of those areas are common for injury.

These injuries occur because the homeowner doesn't have the proper training or knowledge. A handyman will be trained in all kinds of safety measures. They will also likely be required to follow them, so you don't have to worry.

10. Understanding of Codes

There is also the potential for the project itself to not be done safely if done by an untrained person.

Most states have set standards for areas in the home, like electricity, framing, or plumbing. These standards are called codes. Each home must follow those codes in order to be approved and sold.

It's safe to say that the average homeowner doesn't have extensive knowledge of building codes. But you know who does? A handyman!

Handymen will know the correct way to install and complete projects to meet these codes. This is often a part of their guarantee, so you can hold them to that code for the work they need to deliver.

11. Possible Multi-Person Job

While some projects can be done all on your own, there are just some projects that require more than one person.

If you are trying to complete a task like this it can complicate your plans and make it harder to finish. But if you hire a handyman they will be able to have more than one person available at the time needed.

Many handymen work in teams to get things done in a more efficient way. So these types of multi-person jobs are easy to work through for them.

Often if you try to complete a two-person job with one person, you'll create more problems. Just skip the drama and hire a handyman to help you out.

12. Wish for Professional Advice

Often we know something isn't quite right in our houses but we're not sure what the solution should be. Sometimes this leads to stewing on the project for longer than necessary. We know we need help but don't know where to look.

Most professional handyman services will offer a consultation program. This allows you to show a trained professional the issue and ask for advice.

After they've seen the potential project, they will be able to give recommendations. This could be that you can handle the repair on your own, they will do the work, or you need someone with more specific training.

This type of professional advice is invaluable. It sets you up on the right track to get the work done correctly.

13. Wide Range of Projects

It's very rare that a homeowner only has one project on their list. Instead, it's more common that there will be a whole host of potential projects that span a wide range of areas.

That range can be intimidating to even jump in. But when you work with a handyman they are able to complete this whole range of projects.

This is helpful for the homeowner because they'll know who to call when they're ready to tackle the next thing on their list. They won't have to search for a professional in each specific field. The handyman will have the knowledge to do it all.

14. Better Final Result

In all reality, the reason that we do home projects is to improve the home either in appearance or function. If you can't make the end result just right it probably isn't worth your effort.

A handyman will be able to produce results that are just what you are looking for. When you hire these professionals you can explain exactly what your desired outcome is. Then you can make a plan together to make that happen.

Most handymen have a lot of experience that will give them the skills to complete things with a high-quality standard.

The great end result of a project is well worth the money spent to get it done right the first time.

15. Lack of Motivation

Let's face it, sometimes there's no good reason for not completing a home project. You just don't want to do it.

If you experience this lack of motivation to work on your home a handyman is the perfect solution. This allows you to get the project completed without having to do a thing.

Having a handyman do the work for you will end up being the better choice in a lot of ways. They won't take shortcuts to just get done like you may have done. Borrow some of their motivation and get your home functioning and looking just the way you want it to.

Find the Best Handyman Service

Everyone who owns a home most likely has a running list of projects they'd like to complete. When that list seems overwhelming and you don't know where to start that's when a handyman service comes, well, in handy!

Once you decide to hire professional handyman services, you'll soon see your home look just like you've been dreaming of.

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