Desired improvement projects... neglected maintenance tasks... indoor repairs... outdoor repairs... taking care of a home is a lot of work, and that list of nagging minor home repairs just keeps getting longer and longer as time goes by. That’s why it’s always helpful to know a reliable Highland Park handyman service provider.

Your busy life is full of responsibility and commitment. While taking care of loved ones and yourself you need a tiny space for yourself to wind down from all the hecticness. Next, you look at things around your house that need fixing, but which contractor is able to handle several areas at the same time without having to hire several people? So much needs attention but there is so little time.

Luckily, we have the right solution for you: call Mr. Handyman of Dallas! Our professional Highland Park handyman team has the experience and skill to take care of your entire house, from the front porch to the backyard deck. Eliminate the stress of calling multiple companies and worrying that the jobs won't get done right—as your local, highly skilled, qualified handyman, we do it all, accurately and efficiently.

Our dependable Highland Park handyman professionals are skilled and passionate about creating a safer living space for property owners. From home repairs and maintenance to remodeling projects. We truly care about the comfort and satisfaction of Dallas-area property owners, which is why our service providers go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

A smiling handyman wearing a Mr. Handyman uniform speaking with a homeowner at their front door.

Why Choose Us as Your Handyman in Highland Park, TX?

Our Highland Park handyman service technicians bring many years of experience in providing local residents with excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Not only do we have outstanding online ratings, but our Highland Park handyman business also hires highly trained professionals who have years of experience of working with local property owners and have received lots of praise throughout the Dallas area for their high-quality work. Mr. Handyman’s hard-working team goes above and beyond to meet customer expectations, ensuring that each project is completed efficiently and effectively.

We care that our clients get a positive experience from the first impression to the finished product. Building strong relationships with all our clients is of high priority. As a locally owned and operated business, our Highland Park handyman team is happy to serve the community we also belong to. No matter what home improvement project you need help with, you can trust our pro team to help.

It’s important to us that we build a mutual level of trust. When you hire us for any professional handyman services, rest assured that you will get transparency about upfront estimates and hourly rates. We’ll answer all your questions patiently and effectively with no hidden agendas. Depending on the level of involvement you'd like to have, our team will explain every detail of the repair process or simply get down to work. The choice is up to you!

It's important to us that we do our part to build and maintain the community of Highland Park. Handyman repair and maintenance services are what we offer, providing exceptional workmanship and treating our customers with respect. When you meet our skilled technicians or speak with our friendly customer service representatives, you'll discover our authenticity for yourself.

Common Handyman Services in Highland Park, TX

Mr. Handyman is a locally owned and operated business that prides itself in serving local communities. We have taken on many maintenance and improvement projects throughout Highland Park and other surrounding areas, including AddisonUniversity ParkGarland, and Mesquite, because clients tend to recommend our services to their neighbors once they've seen what we can do. Our Highland Park handyman experts can complete a wide range of home improvement services, from furniture assembly and installing carbon monoxide detectors and ceiling fans to remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

Have questions about our repair company services or an improvement project you have in mind? We have answers! Give us a call to chat with our knowledgeable customer service staff about your handyman project and let them know how we can help turn your house into your ideal living space. Want to know more about our popular services and what our reliable Highland Park handyman team is capable of? Please keep reading.


Do you find yourself shivering when you get close to a window in your home? Do you avoid sitting next to certain windows because you feel a chilly draft even though they're closed?

If your window frames aren't in good condition when colder weather rolls in, it's not just uncomfortable. The cold can drive your utility bill up way too high—in fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows can be responsible for as much as 25% of your heating bill. Even worse, those cold drafts could cause disasters like burst pipes inside your walls.

Stop those nightmares before they happen! This is the perfect time for Mr. Handyman to give your windows a thorough weatherproofing treatment. Depending on what's causing the trouble, your window repair options include:

  • Using sealant foam inside the window frame
  • Applying window insulation film
  • Using caulk to manually stop airflow
  • Hanging insulating drapes
  • Replacing rotten wood on window frames
  • Repairing damaged exterior casings


If you're looking for a way to increase the comfort, appeal, and even value of your home, custom carpentry is a great way to accomplish just that. There's not a single room in your house that can't benefit from custom-made built-in carpentry additions. Carpentry projects that our skilled Highland Park handyman team can build include:

  • Elegant mantels above the fireplace or television
  • Cabinets in the kitchen, laundry room, mud room, and basement
  • Window seats or benches with built-in storage
  • Bookcases and shelving options
  • Crown molding and wainscoting

Let us know what you have in mind—chances are, we can make it happen!


Timber is likely a key material in the construction of your home, like more than 90% of houses in the United States. It's pretty much the ideal building material, with one major weakness: wood rot.

Wood rot is a form of decay caused by wood-eating fungi. The fungus requires warmth and a moisture content of 20% or higher in order to start growing. Wood that’s frequently damp—in kitchens, bathrooms, attics, basements, and outdoors—is highly vulnerable to rot, while wood that is protected from moisture can last hundreds of years without rotting.

Wondering if you have wood rot in your home? Take a look around for these signs:

  • Discolored patches where the wood is lighter or darker than the surrounding material
  • Texture changes that appear spongy, stringy, or webbed with cracks
  • Wood is breaking into cube-shaped bits (this is called cubical fracture)
  • Chunks or "sawdust" are falling away from the main structure
  • In very advanced cases, there may be mushrooms growing out of the wood

If you notice any of these symptoms, grab a screwdriver and press it against the suspicious patch. If it sinks right in with little or no resistance, that's wood rot.

When it comes to wood rot, the repair usually involves replacing the wood because there's no way to “un-rot” timber. But, if the decay is not too advanced and the beam would be difficult to remove, your Highland Park handyman may be able to repair it by scraping out the rotten parts and filling them with epoxy.


Your bathroom is probably the most intimate space of your home. But if you find the room unsuitable to use or unpleasant to be in, call our pro Highland Park handyman team for some inspiration!

There are endless ways to make your bathroom more functional and comfortable. Or maybe you're thinking of selling and know your bathroom needs a serious update. Our Highland Park handyman team will listen and make that change happen. From purely cosmetic renos to updating your space for mobility needs, trust our experienced service technicians to get down to work.

Some Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Include:

  • Drywall (or cement board) installation
  • Vanity mirror installation
  • New shower door or tub installation
  • Tile floor installation
  • Shower tile installation
  • Caulking

A bathroom remodel before and after it has been completed by Mr. Handyman.


Our skillful Highland Park handyman is an experienced tile installer, whether you need new floors, countertops, or backsplashes. We've worked with a range of materials, and our service providers can install tile in even oddly-shaped spaces.

Furthermore, we offer tile repair services for chipped or cracked tile sheets. Other tile issues may also include worn grout that needs to be removed. Not only are cracks ugly and discolored grout unsightly, but they could lead to water damage if not careful.

Broken tiles are also a safety hazard and should be replaced or fixed immediately with some epoxy.

Common Tile Types We Work With:

  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Glass
  • Ceramic and porcelain
  • Quarry (including slate, marble and limestone)
  • Luxury vinyl tile and laminate


The constant use of doors can lead to a series of issues that concern your door’s health as well as your walls and ceiling. From trouble with opening and closing to squeaky, rusty hinges and cracks in the walls. Improperly working doors are prone to air leaks that will affect your heating and cooling system’s functions and also increase your monthly utility bills. You need your doors to work properly, so your family can exit safely during an emergency, and so that intruders are kept out.

Our Highland Park handyman service technicians can complete a wide range of door repairs. Whatever door damage you may have, our expert door repair specialist is here to recover your doors original function and ensure they’re in tip-top condition. If your door is beyond repair, rely on our team for efficient door installation and replacement services.

Our Door Repair Services:

  • Sticking doors
  • Squeaking doors
  • Air leaks
  • Rotted wood (soft wood)
  • Broken door locks
  • Damaged door jambs
  • Screen doors

A wood door before and after it has been repaired and refinished by Mr. Handyman.


Everyone loves a sturdy piece of drywall because it’s so easy to install, and you can finish your interior design within weeks. It’s highly affordable and requires almost 50 percent less labor than plaster work. However, drywall is not bulletproof; rather, prone to accidents and other damage. Whether you’re moving around a piece of furniture or have kids kicking a ball inside the house, drywall damage is a pretty common issue your local Highland Park handyman handles. Besides accidents, you have creeping issues like water damage where repair will likely result in a replacement. There are many important reasons to repair drywall as soon as you notice signs of damage.

Undetected drywall damage will lead to more serious problems over time, such as increasing your monthly bills. Holes and cracks may enable pests to sneak into your home, and lessen your home's sound barrier. Dark stains and other watermarks on your drywall or ceiling will require immediate investigation. Take action now before you could experience a potential collapse which is not only a safety hazard, but it could also compromise your home’s foundation.

Whether you need a patching job or a drywall replacement, count on your local handyman. Highland Park TX residents can also expect a decent painting and finishing job that will revive their living space. We pride ourselves on providing flawless work; you won't be able to see where the damage was to begin with.

We’re Your Highland Park Handyman Pros!

If you feel like you're disappearing under an avalanche of repair tasks and maintenance projects, Mr. Handyman of Dallas can dig you out and get your home not only functioning smoothly again, but looking great as well. From more major home remodels and larger projects like remodeling your bathroom to completing many basic home repairs in one appointment, we can meet all your needs.

Whether you’re in Highland Park or surrounding areas like CarrolltonFarmers Branch, or Richardson, give us a call today to schedule an appointment! We'll show you why your neighbors consider us their top choice for Highland Park handyman solutions! Our reliable handyman services are available for both residential and commercial properties.