Every property owner loves their outdoor space, especially when it is on their own property. Therefore, having a beautiful deck in your backyard is always something to boast about whenever you plan a social gathering. But exterior structures require periodic maintenance to stay in their best shape, and that includes your wood deck. Our popular Frisco deck repair services are available all year round to ensure your favorite spot on a warm summer night remains safe and functional for you and your family. Even though we live in one of the country’s hottest states, the few months we have of winter can wreak havoc on your property. Wind and freezing rain can be destructive to wood structures if they are not well-maintained to withstand the elements. Our expert repair technicians at Mr. Handyman of Frisco bring the tools and expertise to restore your wooden deck’s former aesthetics and functions. 

Call our friendly team to schedule a no-obligation appointment with your local Frisco handyman. Or keep on reading to find out what our Frisco deck repair services include and tips on how to maintain it to avoid any future problems.

What To Expect From Frisco Deck Repair Service

Suppose your current wood deck has suffered from some winter damage, which is a common issue that homeowners don’t always notice until spring arrives. In that case, our experienced Frisco deck repair technicians will carefully inspect the entire deck, from the surface to underneath the unit. Once we have a more detailed diagnosis, we’ll chat with you about the outcome and map out the type of repair you need.

During deck repairs, Frisco, TX technicians at Mr. Handyman deal with common problems that include:

  • Rotted deck boards. Rotted deck boards are a common issue that can be caused by poor drainage, improper flashing, or being placed too close to a water source or the ground. When left unaddressed, rotted deck boards can compromise the structural integrity of the entire deck. However, with the help of our professional team, it is possible to remove and replace the decaying boards to salvage the dry parts of the deck, restoring its safety and appearance.
  • Erosion around the deck posts. Erosion around deck posts is another common problem that can lead to stability issues and drainage problems. Soil erosion occurs when water washes away the soil supporting the deck posts and footings, potentially causing the lower level of the post to become exposed. Addressing drainage issues around the property is crucial to preventing soil erosion and maintaining the stability of the deck.
  • Rotting support beams. Rotting support beams pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of a deck. It is important to understand that any wood that regularly gets wet and cannot dry out will rot. To prevent deck joist rot, it is essential to use the best-treated lumber available and to address any drainage issues that may contribute to the problem.
  • Unsteady concrete deck footings. Unsteady concrete deck footings can also compromise the stability of a deck, particularly in climates prone to frost heave. Ensuring that deck footings are poured deep enough and that they extend below the frost line is essential for preventing issues related to soil movement and stability.
  • Mildew and mold growth on the surface. Mildew and mold growth on the surface of the deck can be frustrating and unsightly, but it is important not to dismiss these microorganisms as harmless. Proper maintenance and cleaning can help prevent the growth of mildew and mold, preserving the appearance and safety of the deck.
  • Water damage due to leaky gutters. Leaky gutters can cause water damage to your deck, leading to soil erosion and damaged plant life in your garden. Excessive water can be detrimental to plants, and the constant flow of water from leaky gutters can result in ruined plant life. Additionally, the water from the gutter leaks can fall on your deck in large quantities, damaging the wood and leading to a ruined deck and patio.
  • Loose railings. Weather damage can also contribute to the need for deck repair in Frisco, regardless of the material your deck is made from. Strong winds and hail can damage railings, loosening joints and cracking fasteners that may be rusted with age. This can compromise the safety and stability of your deck, making it essential to address any weather-related damage promptly.
  • Soft rot on deck stairs. Soft rot on deck stairs can occur as a result of exposure to water, leading to dry rot fungus or wet rot. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the deck surface can help prevent debris build-up and rot damage. Installing a removable roof can also provide protection against water damage and rot.
  • Corroded hardware (screws, brackets, fixtures, and fittings). Corroded hardware, such as screws, brackets, fixtures, and fittings, can also be a cause for concern. Rust can undermine the strength of the hardware, compromising the structural integrity of the deck. It is important to address any corroded hardware to ensure the safety and stability of your deck.

Our experienced Frisco handyman team has a very sharp eye for detail. They will ensure that your previous deck contractor has completed a decent deck installation service. This will help ensure that any arising problems are solely based on a lack of deck maintenance.

Frisco Deck Repair

When it comes to dependable deck repair in Frisco, you can count on our experts to follow each step of the repair process carefully. As long as there is no serious structural damage evident, we’ll be able to remove any broken boards that have suffered from rotten wood. A rotted joist is more complicated to repair or replace because they are situated underneath the surface boards. But nothing is impossible for your skilled Frisco deck repair experts. However, if the overall framework of the system is compromised and the structural support won’t hold even with repairs, we will be honest about it and recommend a deck replacement. 

On the other hand, fixing up minor cracks and holes is a more common job for our Frisco handyman. But it is only useful when you do it early, and before it stretches into a six-inch crack. Otherwise, you could risk water damage and wood rot that would result in a board replacement. Our Frisco deck repair experts use a high-quality latex wood filler to fill cracks, followed by adequate sanding to eliminate any chance of splinters.

That’s not all that you can expect from our professional deck repairs. Frisco, TX homeowners have a lot more to look forward to because next, we’ll pressure-wash the surface to remove any mildew growth and debris. After drying, our experienced team will apply a new layer of protective sealant, so the wood remains protected for another two years before you need regular maintenance again. Alternatively, if you seek to enhance your entire structure’s beauty with a new look, we could also use your choice of wood stain.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman of Frisco’s Deck Repair Service?

Mr. Handyman is North America’s leading home service provider with almost 200 locations. Each one is a locally owned and operated handyman business that is committed to serving its local community. What makes our brand stand out is our high level of professionalism and dedication to your customers. People choose our handyman services because we guarantee them our workmanship, which is backed by our Done Right Promise. It’s a warranty that covers our parts and services, which means—should anything not meet your expectations—we’ll return to make it right, and it won’t cost you a dime. This is how much our brand cares about exceptional customer experience.

We care about delivering a high level of transparency which is shown in our upfront pricing system. Cost estimates are made prior to the initial service request and also include a no-obligation in-home inspection. This is how Mr. Handyman forms strong relationships with our clients. Count on our superior customer service skills to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Property maintenance, house repairs, and improvement projects have never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Deck Repairs | Frisco, TX

What are the most popular deck materials?

The most popular type is pressure-treated lumber, which you can easily obtain in the hardware store. They are typically of good quality and have already been pre-treated for resilience and durability. Another more natural choice is cedar wood, which is naturally moisture-resistant and doesn’t require sealing. But it is highly recommended if you want to promote its longevity. While these two are some of the most common types of wood materials. On the other hand, PVC or vinyl decking is also common these days, especially when homeowners seek a wider variety of color and pattern options.

Which material requires the least maintenance and deck repairs?

Frisco, TX property owners who prefer to keep their maintenance duties to a minimum should consider getting composite decks. While wood types are the most common and cost-effective option, that doesn’t mean they are maintenance-free. Annual pressure washing, periodic sanding and sealing are still of high importance. 

Composite materials are made of a blend of wood fibers and high-quality synthetic materials. Some people also refer to composite decking as synthetic wood that still blends in well with their natural surroundings. And the benefits? Besides the occasional cleaning, it requires no professional maintenance or deck repair in Frisco, TX. We still recommend that you occasionally check the condition of the posts and concrete footings. Composite structures can last for up to 50 years compared to their wood counterparts, which may last up to 20, given they receive the required routine maintenance and occasional deck repairs from Frisco handyman experts.

The service professionals at Mr. Handyman are happy to introduce our trusted suppliers to you through the process of choosing the right material that best meets your needs.

Is Frisco deck repair cheaper or a replacement?

Repairs are cheaper, depending on the extent of the damage evident. As long as there are no structural issues, you should be safe with minor repairs. Another factor to keep in mind is the age of your structure. If it’s already over 15 years old and has had multiple repairs already, it may not be worthwhile, and the more cost-effective option will be to replace it. When you hire our Frisco deck repair service, our handyman team will examine your structure in detail and measure its efficiency. We’ll help you weigh out the pros and cons, so you’ll choose what works best for you.

I have drainage issues in my backyard. Will I need deck repairs?

Frisco, TX homeowners most likely will need repairs if the drainage problem occurs underneath the structure. Soil erosion is a serious issue that could also compromise the health of your home’s foundation. It overwhelms your parameter drains and could also result in a flood. It’s essential that you regularly maintain your rain gutters and get occasional gutter repairs to ensure they safely direct stormwater away from your property.

Is it ok to put decorations on my deck?

Yes, but caution is advised. It’s a space that also needs to breathe, so it’s important that you do not cover it. For example, rugs are not recommended as they are highly absorbent. Thin synthetic rugs are fine as long as you remember to hang them dry after rainy weather and remove them entirely during the winter. Fire pits are also a safety hazard and should not be placed on the structure.

Flower pots and plants are also OK, as long as you keep them in saucers.

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