Frisco gets 40 inches of rain on average per year, which is more than the US average of 38 inches. Though people call this a warm and temperate climate, you might rather call it a wet climate that even gets a high amount of precipitation during the driest months of the year. Many homeowners are used to dealing with the wild, unpredictable habits of the weather caused by the Gulf of Mexico, and that includes dealing with gutter repair in Frisco, TX.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls
A damaged section of gutter on a roof overrun with roots and branches and in desperate need of professional gutter repair in Frisco, TX.

Count on your local Frisco handyman from Mr. Handyman to get the job done for you. As a locally owned and operated business, our licensed and insured team brings many years of experience in Frisco home maintenance and repairs and delivers high-quality workmanship that will exceed your expectations. When you hire our handyman services, you can trust your uniformed service technician to arrive on time in a clearly-marked company van, equipped with professional tools to get the job done right. Call our office to inquire about our Frisco gutter repair service today!

What To Expect From Our Frisco Gutter Repair Service

A handyman from Mr. Handyman cleaning a home’s gutters during an appointment for gutter repairs.A handyman from Mr. Handyman cleaning a home’s gutters during an appointment for gutter repairs.

With the best team of handymen for gutter repair, Frisco, TX homeowners have a better chance of combating the next rainy season. The biggest perk of having a Frisco handyman is that you get inspection services with diagnoses that you can trust. We will be able to determine whether you need Frisco gutter repairs, replacement, or gutter cleaning services.

Frisco homeowners can rely on our team to provide them with exceptional customer care throughout their experience with us. From the moment you pick up the phone and call us to the moment we clean up the job site and leave you to enjoy your newly repaired gutters, you’ll receive nothing but the best customer service.

One of the ways in which we achieve such high customer satisfaction rates is by maintaining transparent and honest communication. We’ll be happy to stop by your property to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote before you commit to gutter repair service. We also ensure that you get what you’re paying for by providing a one-year workmanship guarantee!


  • Repairing small leaks
  • Aligning sections
  • Removing rust or rusty parts
  • Tightening downspouts and loose sections
  • Patching holes
  • Removing nests
  • Clearing clogs

Signs You Need Gutter Repair in Frisco, TX

Every property owner wants to maintain a healthy roof and prevent any risks of potential basement floods or moisture damage. Our expert service providers have seen the disasters that can come after heavy rain and want to help Frisco homeowners maintain a flawless exterior drainage system and maintain their curb appeal.

Even when you keep up with your yearly cleaning schedule, you can’t always predict the impact of external forces. When you see warning signs that call for immediate gutter repair in Frisco, TX, Mr. Handyman is ready to help!


If you notice a leaky section, it may be a severe crack or a hole, but leaky gutters could also indicate a clog in the system. Loose gutters, rusty hanger brackets, or unsecured joints could also be the culprits.

  • Unsecured joints: These require polyurethane sealants to restore the permanent bond.
  • Loose gutters: In most installations, ferrules and spikes are holding the system together and often need to be pounded back in. Another option would be to install fascia brackets that wrap around the unit.


If your eavestrough system is old, it may develop cracks that lead to water leaks. The heavy impact of a clogged gutter is also a contributor. In the event of a crack, your handyman will check for loose or rusty fasteners like brackets and braces at the joint areas. When you locate the cracked area, you'll need immediate gutter repair. Frisco’s rainy days could damage your fascia boards and roof shingles if you don’t fix cracks, inviting moisture into your attic.

  • Your Frisco service technician will clean the affected area of grime and debris.
  • Next, they'll repair the crack with plastic roofing cement, followed by a water-resistant sealant.
  • In cases with severe crack, they will use supporting flashing strips to seal the damage.


Peeling paint on your siding is often a sign of moisture damage, especially from leaks caused by a damaged gutter. When paint gets flaky, moisture may penetrate the interior and cause further damage underneath the material. When you notice that paint or other types of coatings are wearing out or not applied properly, call your skilled Frisco handyman for a full inspection.

Our highly-rated local pros will be able to determine if it’s merely a minor paint issue, or if you need professional Frisco gutter repair. Homeowners can, however, fix exterior peeling paint issues on their own if they prefer.

  • The first step towards repair includes cleaning and scraping off the peeling paint with a plastic paint scraper.
  • Next, your handyman will sand the surface using aluminum oxide or silicon carbide sandpaper.
  • While cleaning the treated area with dish soap and warm water is an option, the alternative would be pressure washing, depending on your siding’s condition.
  • To restore the paint, your experienced handyman may apply a coat of acrylic bonding primer and let it dry for at least 48 hours.
  • The last step is to apply a high-quality 100 percent acrylic paint with UV protection.

You may call us thorough and detail-oriented, but with this type of gutter repair, Frisco, TX homes have never been better protected from heavy precipitation.

Quality Materials Used For Gutters

As your Frisco handyman, we are happy to tell you more about your eavestroughs’ material type, age, and maintenance requirements, so you will be on top of your maintenance work. If you are looking for a brand-new gutter installation, we especially recommend learning about the different types of gutter materials and their characteristics.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum gutters are widely used in the States because they are sturdy and lightweight. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and fairly rust-proof if you remember to recoat them every once in a while to keep them corrosion-resistant. After a heavy storm or hail, we recommend a checkup for dents and to ensure fasteners are still in place.
  • Stainless Steel: Steel is very common in Europe but you will also find it in Frisco homes and throughout the United States. It’s highly durable and temperature resistant but difficult to install due to its heavy weight. It also requires more frequent recoating to prevent erosion, unless you opt for grade level 316 for a more rust-proof material.
  • Vinyl: Homeowners who opt for vinyl like the DIY-friendly installation process. Plus, it’s cost-effective and rust and corrosion-resistant. While it serves its purpose, it’s important to note that vinyl is not entirely waterproof. Not only is it vulnerable to extreme temperatures, but it can also be sensitive to strong winds and heavy rains too, leading to early rain gutter repairs. Frisco, TX property owners should have a specialist check their roof and surrounding environment before installing vinyl.
  • Copper: Copper gutters are beautiful, there’s no doubt about it. In the plumbing world, copper is commonly used for water lines because it is highly durable, rust-resistant, and crack resistant. Copper can last up to 50 years with only minimal maintenance. That said, it’s also the most expensive type that you can get. Besides material cost, the complex gutter replacement process includes specialized soldering techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters and Gutter Repair In Frisco, TX


In some parts of the country, people refer to them as eavestroughs. They are the horizontal U-shaped metal traps attached to the fascia boards on the edge of your roofline. As an essential part of your exterior drainage system, your gutters are designed to collect and direct rainwater away from your roof to protect your home from moisture and structural damage. By doing so, they support your soffit and fascia boards, whose job is to keep your roof and attic insulation dry by keeping moisture out. Your soffit is also responsible for circulating fresh air throughout your attic and home via soffit vents.

Depending on your property’s size, your existing gutter system may connect to several downspouts, which are the vertical drain pipes attached to the corners of your siding. Before the vertical tubes touch the ground, they each connect to extension elbows that effectively redirect stormwater away from your foundation (often to a designated catch basin on the street). Larger properties usually have an additional downspout because it’s a requirement that your eavestroughs have one every 30 to 40 feet.

Well-performing rain gutters protect homes from roof damage that could lead to costly problems, starting with moisture damage and pest infestation in your attic. A healthy gutter system protects your home’s structural integrity, preventing water from seeping through cracks and damaging your foundation. It’s important that you keep that system functional with preventative measures that you can take to prepare and protect yourself from costly repairs.


Unlike sectional gutters that are cut in different lengths and joined together, seamless gutters are cut from one single coil, typically of heavy-duty aluminum, so they have fewer joints and individual sections. Depending on your preference, seamless troughs may offer some aesthetic value to your property too because they are installed underneath your fascia boards, so some appear to be hidden.

But are seamless systems guaranteed clog-free? Although one can argue about that, they do minimize your maintenance efforts, costs, and repair needs and ensure thorough protection from your roof down. However, debris still settles in the trap, making annual cleaning necessary to prevent major clogs.

One major advantage of the no-seam system is the complete leak-free experience. Unless you schedule your annual inspection to ensure it’s in working order, you might not even know that you need gutter repair. Frisco, TX residents might risk costly damage to their soffit and fascia boards, allowing moisture to seep into the attic. The need for roof repair may also be down the line. Having a seamless system reduces the chances of those risks affecting your home.

Whether you have sectional or seamless, warning signs of damage are similar in many ways, like sags and overflowing roof lines. It’s better to be safe than sorry and book your inspection for gutter repair. Frisco, TX homeowners can rely on our team to use expert tools to ensure their roof system is well looked after.


Installing a gutter guard to block leaves, debris, and birds from building nests will help you maintain a healthy exterior drainage system and provide gutter protection. This way, your gutters will only collect rainwater and direct it toward the designated drainage zones on your property via your downspout. Guards are ideal if you live in a tree-dense area; unless you are surrounded by pine trees, then pine needles might easily slip through the holes and settle over time.

They truly are worth it with the right type and installation! We can recommend renowned brands and install them for you if you are tired of repeated repairs. Whether you have sectioned or seamless gutters, adding guards will double your roofline’s overall protection from the elements.

Types of Gutter Guards

The common material types vary from steel to aluminum to plastic. Whether you need something cost-effective or a complete shield, there is a wide range of types to choose from:

  • Plastic Screen: Plastic materials may serve you well for one season in Frisco, but then you might have to switch them out. Long-term exposure to the sun and repeated contact with tree branches will weaken the material. If it’s not the heavy impact of the snow on the plastic screen, strong winds may easily knock over the screen too.
  • Micro Mesh: Micromesh allows rainwater to run through perforated holes while blocking leaves and debris. You can choose from plastic to steel materials for this type. These guards require manual cleaning on a seasonal basis because tiny particles do get stuck in the mesh holes.

The main benefits of a guard installation are reduced gutter maintenance costs and fewer needs for gutter repair. Frisco, TX homeowners that install guards enjoy the peace of mind that they won’t experience an excess of decomposing leaves in their eavestroughs.

Need Gutter Repairs, Frisco, TX? Choose Mr. Handyman To Get the Job Done!

The rainy season in Frisco, TX is never far away, and before you look up “gutter repair near me,” we can guarantee that you’re already in the right place! At Mr. Handyman, we are your gutter repair, cleaning, and replacement experts and offer fair prices that will ensure you remember to take care of your exterior drainage system whether you’re in Frisco or a surrounding community such as Little Elm, Aubrey, or Prosper.

Feel free to contact us today to chat with our friendly customer service team about our list of handyman services or book an appointment. We’ll show you why we're considered the smart choice for everything from reliable gutter repairs to furniture assembly and bathroom remodeling.
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