It starts as nothing more than a creaky step. You frown as you step off of it, but after the next hundred times you go up and down, you become so used to it that you no longer notice the obnoxious sound. Then, you notice your railing feels a little bit loose. More than a nuisance now, you begin to worry about your mother-in-law’s safety when she comes to stay with you next week. The problem certainly isn’t going to fix itself, and it looks as though it may be getting worse. The time has come to invest in a Frisco stair repair service.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

A handyman using a screwdriver to repair the railing on a staircase during an appointment for stair repair in Frisco, TX.
While safety is the number one reason most homeowners choose to get stair repair in Frisco, TX, there are additional benefits to this service as well. While major safety hazards are being repaired, our Frisco handyman team can also make repairs to squeaky stair treads and update your stairway's appearance. Whether you require repairs for your interior spiral staircase or need your deck stairs fixed, our experienced handyman professionals have the experience and carpentry training to make all the necessary repairs—and even possibly leave your stairs in better shape than they were when first installed.

Below, we’ve provided a breakdown of all that our Frisco stair repair service entails, as well as answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our customers about this service. To learn more about how we can help you with your stair repair in Frisco, TX, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

Frisco Stair Repair: What To Expect

If you’re shopping around for stair repair in Frisco, TX, your first question is probably about what our service involves. The better question isn’t what it involves, but what it does not.

There are many different materials for stairs, as well as multiple different styles. Wooden stairs are by far the most common, whether they’re indoor or outdoor stairs. Regardless of style, material or location, there are generally three main components of a stairway:

  • Stringers: These boards run along the two sides of your stairway, from the bottom up to the top. Stringers may be ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Open styles have notches cut out of them for the treads and risers to sit directly on top of. In contrast, closed styles have depressions that the sides of treads and risers can fit into for support.
  • Treads: The horizontal board of each step that you place your foot on.
  • Risers: The vertical board of each step. Risers connect the back of one tread to the front of the next.

Most stairs have railings, as without railings, they can be very dangerous. Very small steps with only a few treads may not require a railing, but anything higher than this should be partially enclosed to prevent accidental falls. Railings are composed of four main components:

  • Newel post: A large, vertical post that sits at the bottom and top of each staircase. If your stairway curves or bends, newel posts will also be placed at each direction change.
  • Baluster: The smaller vertical posts that fill up space between each newel post.
  • Handrail: The perpendicular component that attaches to the tops of each baluster and provides a surface for you to place your hand on when going up and down your stairs.
  • Newel cap: Not required but often used in outdoor spaces such as decks, this ornamental or protective cap covers the tops of newel posts.

Our Frisco stair repair technicians can fix issues with any of these components. Not sure which part is causing an issue? No problem! Our technicians are also capable of diagnosing the problem.

Even if you’re sure you know what the issue is, we generally like to start each service out with a visual inspection. If you have creaky stairs, we’ll first conduct an inspection for gaps. As we’ll discuss in more detail below, squeaking tends to occur when components become loose, causing two pieces to rub against each other and produce a creaking sound.

Once we’ve performed an inspection, we’ll be able to determine what steps need to be taken to fix the problem. At Mr. Handyman of Frisco, we pride ourselves on our transparency, honesty, and integrity. To ensure that you stay in the loop throughout the entire process, we will explain our findings, recommend solutions and provide a cost estimate for the required repairs. Depending on the problem, we may be able to get started on your repair that day. If not, we’ll schedule you in for a service appointment at your earliest convenience.

What Leads To Stair Repair In Frisco, TX?

Like many types of home repairs, the need for stair repair in Frisco, TX can be caused by many things. Sometimes it’s as simple as the loosening of joints over a decade of constant use, while other times it’s due to a much more serious problem of water damage. Structural and superficial damages can be caused by multiple things, including:

Moisture Damage

Whether your staircase is covered in vinyl, carpet or tile, beneath these flooring materials is a wood frame. Though wood is widely used in construction, it must be properly prepared and protected, as it is more susceptible to deterioration when compared to materials such as steel and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

If lumber is exposed to moisture for an extended period of time, it will attract fungi that consume wood fibers, resulting in the process of wood rot. Once wood rot begins, it can be difficult to stop. As wood decays, it becomes soft and crumbles. Evidence of wood rot outdoors may be seen on individual treads or the bottom of loose newel posts. Though wood rot is common, it’s also avoidable. Some of our best suggestions for preventing wood rot include taking the time to reseal your steps every couple of years and ensuring that the wood does not come in contact with the earth.

House Settling

If you live in a newer home and you’ve started to notice some structural issues crop up, it’s likely due to the house settling. While this process is normal, it’s certainly annoying. Before being used in construction, lumber goes through a drying process to reduce its moisture content. In high-humidity environments, wood expands, while in low humidity, it shrinks.

Though lumber is dried in an attempt to reduce the amount it will expand or contract, every climate is different. After the lumber is used in a new build, it takes some time for it to adjust to the environment. As it shrinks or expands, the hardware used to secure the wood moves, resulting in loosened joints that can cause treads to creak and stringers to shift.

Poor Workmanship

Unfortunately, not all builders are reputable. If you’ve hired a stair contractor to do repair work in the past or you’ve moved into a new building and don’t know who was responsible for the carpentry work, there’s a possibility that the problems you’re experiencing now are the result of poor workmanship. Though it doesn’t make it right, builders can end up doing a rush job to meet deadlines.

Leaving problems caused by shoddy workmanship can result in additional damage occurring down the line. When hiring one of our Frisco stair repair experts, you can guarantee that the repair will be done correctly so that you don’t have to keep paying for our services every few years.

Leaders In Stair Repair In Frisco, TX

Trusting someone you don’t know in your home isn’t easy. Many other stair companies will tell you that you just have to take that leap of faith. At Mr. Handyman of Frisco, we do things a little differently. We ensure that the power stays in your hands throughout the entire process, from the moment you decide whether to accept our free, no-obligation quote, to the ability to take advantage of our Neighborly Done Right Promise in the rare chance that the quality of workmanship doesn’t meet your expectations.

Our handyman and carpentry experts have an average of 10 years of industry experience serving not just Frisco, but also many of the surrounding communities such as Gainesville, Aubrey, and Celina. As a perusal of our many customer reviews will show, we take pride in providing outstanding customer service to all of our customers, whether residential or commercial. We aim to provide our customers with a personalized experience, as no repair or installation is the same, and no two customers have the same vision or goals.

Frisco Stair Repair FAQs

How Much Does Stair Repair in Frisco, TX Cost?

The first thing that many of our prospective customers want to know is how much our Frisco stair repair service costs. We fully understand why this is, of course. Most homeowners do not have unlimited budgets, but even those who do want to make sure that they’re getting value when they choose us.

While we’d love to be able to provide you with cost estimates right here and now, these estimates would be inaccurate. There is a wide range of factors that go into determining how much stair repair in Frisco, TX costs, including:

  • The type of damage: A loose tread that needs a couple of nails hammered back into place will require much less time and effort to fix than stairs that have evidence of wood rot.
  • The extent of the damage: Likewise, the more minimal the damage, the less it will cost.
  • Supply chain shortages: If you need new lumber for your repairs, the cost of lumber will be subject to supply chain disruptions and an increase in demand.

Regardless of the types of repairs you require, we’re committed to providing our customers and our technicians with a fair price. Our handyman experts have extensive experience and are true professionals at what they do. We, therefore, focus on providing you with the highest quality of services at an incredible value.

That being said, we fully understand how important budgeting is for home improvement projects. For this reason, we’re happy to provide you with an on-site evaluation and quote before you decide to use our services.

Can I Do Stair Repair On My Own?

There’s a common misconception that DIY projects are a cost-saving solution for homeowners. While this is true in some circumstances, attempting certain DIY projects can end up costing you more money in the end.

Stairways are fairly complex structures with many different components. Unless you’ve seen your fair share of issues, you may need to do some troubleshooting to determine what the problem is. If you’re incorrect, you could end up back at your local hardware store for new supplies. Or, you may find yourself removing drywall and flooring to get to the problem, resulting in the need for flooring and drywall repair.

Our service technicians aren’t just great at odd jobs—they’re talented carpenters, too. Thanks to their extensive experience, they’ll be able to determine the cause of the issue quickly and will take the least invasive method to get the job done. For this reason, many homeowners find that hiring a professional to do stair repair in Frisco, TX saves them both time and money.

When Is Stair Replacement Better Than Stair Repair in Frisco, TX?

In some situations, you may be better off replacing your staircase entirely. The main circumstance in which we would recommend a new stair installation is when there is a substantial amount of wood rot. This happens most often with decks and porches that have been improperly constructed or poorly maintained, but if you live in a historical home with an original wood staircase, you may also wish to consider a replacement.

Rest assured, whether you need our services for indoor stair repairs or to fix stairs as part of a deck repair or porch repair project, our service technicians will thoroughly inspect your staircase and use their experience and knowledge to recommend the best course of action. The final decision will always be up to you.

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If you’re concerned about the safety of your staircase, don’t delay investing in a professional Frisco stair repair service a day longer. To book a service appointment or consultation, or to simply discuss your project and ask any remaining questions you may have, give our office a call today.

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