5 Inexpensive Winter Home Improvement Projects

Upgrading your home takes a lot of time and energy but doesn’t have to cost you an arm, a leg, and your firstborn child. You can get a modern and efficient home while staying within your desired budget, and getting started in winter can actually offer you some cost-saving options.

We know this season can be full of holiday parties, shopping, and decorating, but somewhere in your busy schedule should be time for upgrades that you’ve been meaning to tackle. And even if you haven’t mapped out your enhancements, {Sub:BusinessName} has a few winter home improvement projects to make the colder months more bearable and your home more functional.

1. Seal Openings

When the temperature drops outside, your heating bill will inevitably increase. In fact, according to a report by the Energy Information Administration, the average cost to heat a home with natural gas will be around $746. In contrast, electric heat users will spend around $1,268 on electricity bills.

Unless you’re planning to keep your heater off for the foreseeable future, your electricity or gas bill will rise. However, it doesn’t have to affect your bill drastically. You may have experienced a significant increase in your heating expenses because doors and windows aren’t sealed properly. One of the least expensive things you can do to make your home more energy-efficient and save on energy costs throughout the year is to ensure openings or potential air leaks are sealed correctly.

Reinforcing seals on windows and doors also helps reduce outside noise, decrease pollen in your home, and control humidity levels inside.

2. Install a Modern Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is a winter home improvement project if we’ve ever heard one. What’s great about this handy device is that you can customize your home’s temperature, set it, and let technology do the work.

In 2015, Nest Labs released a white paper reporting that homeowners can save 10-15% of heating and cooling costs by upgrading to a smart thermostat. That’s a savings of about $131-145 annually. Some models even allow you to control your thermostat from your smartphone, providing options that can keep money in your pocket and your home comfortable while you’re away visiting family for the holidays.

3. Add Crown Molding

Have you ever entered a friend’s home and been drawn toward the ceiling where ornate and stunning crown molding sits? You can get a unique look by adding crown molding to your home in winter, so when you start hosting holiday parties, your space will be ready to impress.

Many assume that crown molding has to be original to the home and installing it in an existing home is expensive. We’re here to tell you that most of your money and time will be in installation (or fixing installation mistakes). You can help preserve your winter home improvement budget for crown molding by purchasing the material yourself and leaving the crown molding installation to an expert handyman (wink, wink).

4. Insulate Your Attic

Cold spots in your home could be from poor or no insulation in your attic. During the winter, you don’t want parts of your house uncomfortable when guests arrive, as this can contribute to the increased cost of running your heater to balance the colder areas. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that homeowners can save 15% on average for heating and cooling costs and around 11% on total energy costs with proper insulation. Not only is insulating your attic a great winter home improvement project, but it can also give you a significant return on investment at resale.

5. Refresh Your Interior and Exterior Doors

As a homeowner, you want your home to look its best inside and out. Refreshing the color of your door can make a significant impact on the exterior look of your home, and the best part is it can be an easy DIY project that only takes a couple of hours to complete. You can create visual interest with various color paints and finishes. Whether you want a bright pop of color to anticipate spring or a dark, moody tone for contemporary ambiance, you can’t go wrong refurbishing your door.

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Planning ahead is the first step when starting a winter home improvement project to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic. But the best thing you can do to get the ball rolling on cold-weather renovations is to contact our team at {Sub:BusinessName}. With us, you’ll get installation and upgrades when you need professional and detailed assistance.

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