Did you know there is a lot more to ceiling and drywall installation? If you have never heard of orange peel or slap brush styles, now is the time to learn what the experts at Mr. Handyman of Frisco can do to add to your property’s aesthetics with drywall texturing in Frisco, TX.

A close-up of a textured drywall surface that has been added to a home with professionals services for texturing in Frisco, TX.

Many property owners have been so busy replacing outdated ceilings or drywall to restore efficiency that they forget to add that little touch of style to enhance their living space. That’s right! Our Frisco texturing services are designed to give your home or workspace more style and elegance. Whether you want to hide some construction flaws, create a unique look or even enhance the chosen wall colors, the outcome of texturing will always be one of a kind.

Your local Frisco handyman usually offers drywall texturing after replacing or installing new walls for local customers. While most just want it simple and plain, there are many ways that you can go beyond a simple finish with texturing services. Our team can meet your needs for Frisco texturing service throughout your entire property. The possibilities for texturing are nearly endless!

What Should You Expect from Mr. Handyman’s Services for Drywall Texturing in Frisco, TX?

When you choose Mr. Handyman for your drywall texturing project, you can expect a full, thorough inspection of the area where you plan to add texture. In order for texturing to work, you need healthy walls and ceilings in place. A thorough inspection will ensure that your walls or ceiling are ready for texturing.

In some cases, you may need drywall repair or replacement prior to the texturing work. When an inspection reveals that your walls or ceiling are ready and free from damage that should be fixed first, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of drywall texturing or ceiling texturing styles.

After the service has been completed, you can expect the team at Mr. Handyman to perform a full clean-up of any remaining dust or debris before performing a final inspection to confirm that the results of your texturing meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Common Styles for Drywall Texturing and Ceiling Texturing in Frisco, TX

While plain white walls have their advantages and perfectly suit the design preferences of minimalist, homes or office spaces that accommodate more people, you may want to create a more vibrant environment that calls to action and stimulates people’s creative minds.

Though you can apply Frisco texturing to both ceilings and walls at the same time, we do recommend not to go overboard and apply the same style on both. In the end, you want the style to complement your entire living space, including your floors and furniture. So choosing the perfect Frisco texturing method and style matters.

Here are some examples of texture types Mr. Handyman regularly works with:

  • Popcorn Ceiling: Popcorn is a type of ceiling texture that is still in fashion, despite the fact that some popcorn texturing installed in the early 1990s contained asbestos and is required to be removed. Asbestos is a silicate mineral that is toxic to humans and could cause cancers. Nowadays, popcorn textures are made with polystyrene and are typically sprayed onto ceilings to create that desired stippled pattern.
  • Knockdown: The knockdown texture style came after popcorn and is characterized by its mottled surface. To create that finishing look, you overwater your joint compound mix and use a trowel to apply it to the desired spot. When it dries, you will notice stalactites forming on the surface. A faster and more convenient method is to use a texture machine and a hopper paint gun, which will give your knockdown style more of a splatter appearance. Lastly, you would skim the surface with a knockdown knife.
  • Slap Brush: This is one of the easier methods of Frisco texturing and very DIY-friendly. All you’ll need is a good quality stomp brush with Tampico bristles. When applying the compound, hold the brush perpendicular to the ceiling or wall and press into it to create that stippled look. Other methods include using a hopper gun or a professional air compressor. If your main goal is to hide imperfections, the slap brush style is one of the best options.
  • Orange Peel: It’s easy to confuse orange peel with a knockdown because they are rather similar in appearance, except that orange peel has a slightly bumpier surface because it does not need a knockdown tool for finishing. Since orange peel is a type of splatter, you’ll get the best effects with a hopper spray gun and air compressor.
  • Comb Style: To create a comb pattern that looks like rainbows, your local Frisco handyman recommends using a toothed trowel. But do practice some test patterns to help you decide whether you want it to look uniform or not since there are more artistic ways to apply the comb style.
  • Sand Swirl: For this popular method, you would use spray sand that you apply to the surface area and then use a paintbrush to create any shapes and forms. We recommend using a wide paintbrush to create large swirls.
  • Rough Wall: If you want rough texture walls, you’ll probably want to create a rustic environment. In that case, using silica sand is your best option.

Why Hire Mr. Handyman of Frisco for Drywall Texturing?

Mr. Handyman’s team of experts has been serving the local community of Frisco and surrounding areas for many years, always bringing a positive attitude to every appointment and assigned task.

We are proud to be your one-call solution for all your home maintenance, repair, and improvement needs. Aside from these handyman services, our service professionals also have the decorative eye to help you with textured surfaces.

Not only do we go the extra mile to treat your wall and ceiling surfaces, but we also bring specialized tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively. When you choose Mr. Handyman for your home improvement needs, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.

Call us to learn more about Mr. Handyman’s guaranteed workmanship and courteous service or keep reading to get the answers to some of the most popular questions about texturing in Frisco, TX.

Frisco Texturing Services – FAQs

What Is the Average Cost to Texture Walls?

Our wall texture rates for home and office settings vary, depending on the preferred style and room measurement. Typically, our decoration services are fast and efficient, but Mr. Handyman cares about providing local customers with transparent upfront pricing. And in order to do that, we recommend scheduling a no-obligation consultation during which we can help you choose the best style available and measure the square feet of your ceilings accordingly.

Can I Do Texturing Right After Drywall Installation?

Usually yes, except for one important thing: priming. The surface must be primed before and after Frisco texturing. By priming it before, you ensure your drywall’s original surface is protected. This way, the new layer of textured drywall mud will better adhere to the surface and be more uniform.

Can I Paint on the Textured Walls?

Similar to the previous question, yes you can paint on the textured wall, given that it has been primed before and after the texture was applied. If you wish to paint on an existing wall or ceiling but are unsure if it has been primed already, it doesn’t hurt to prime it again to be sure.

How Do I Best Create Texturing with a Paint Roller?

There are many options available for using paint rollers. However, you need to make an important decision:

Use joint compound or textured paint?

Using drywall compound is probably the most common course of action for Frisco texturing, except that you need to apply your own artistic art skills in creating your desired ceiling texturing style. However, opting for textured paint could save you some time and effort, because, unlike standard paint, textured paint contains sand and gypsum grains that help create a unique rough-looking pattern from scratch.

Of course, every product varies, and checking your manufacturer’s instructions is your best way to avoid any mistakes. We understand that there’s a wide range of options available which can lead to a paradox of choice. That’s why our Frisco texturing service is designed to alleviate that stress. Your dependable Frisco handyman team is highly skilled and knowledgeable about effective surface treatments and other common drywall texture styles.

What Type of Drywall Is Used for Ceilings?

In modern days, it’s the same type of drywall used for interior walls. It’s sometimes referred to as whiteboard or standard drywall, with a thickness that averages between 1/2 and 5/8 inch. Therefore, both your ceiling and walls have the same characteristics, serving the same purposes, and can easily be treated with primer and paint.

Do Popcorn Ceilings Affect the Value of a Home?

There is certainly a stigma on popcorn ceilings, especially if it’s an older home that hasn’t been recently inspected or received the necessary renovations. Although popcorn ceilings are slowly coming back with improved materials (such as Styrofoam), it’s still not as popular as knockdown or orange peel.

If your home was built before the 1990s and you have a popcorn ceiling, we highly recommend that you seek a team like Mr. Handyman of Frisco for a detailed inspection. We have the experience and the means to safely conduct professional tests.

In either case, we are always happy to discuss your options for removing popcorn ceilings and other drywall texturing in your home. Plus, we also offer a variety of home remodelling services that you could also benefit from at the same time.

Is It Possible to Re-texture Ceilings and Walls?

This project is possible if the previous Frisco texturing hasn’t been applied too heavily. In many cases you should be able to simply sand away the existing form before re-texturing. But if the surface has been painted on, you will need to apply a skim coat—a thin layer of joint compound—before continuing.

We have also had cases where ceilings are re-textured several times because the customer preferred to frequently change their styles. It may be possible for walls, but ceilings could endure too much stress and weight if you apply one layer of compound after another. Sometimes, the better and safer option is a ceiling replacement, so you can start fresh rather than reapply new skim coats every time.

Should Ceilings and Walls Match?

This is a matter of preference, but if you’re picking on our designer brains, we would have to see your living space first before we can give you our best judgment. Matching colors have their pros and cons. While it could make your living space appear larger than normal, it could also make your home look monotone, even if you had a bold texture pattern. It could become too much of a focal point that destabilizes your home’s interior balance.

Also consider your floor system, its material and color. If you have spent lots of money on solid hardwood flooring, you might want your Frisco texturing to complement your floors and look beautiful under natural light.

The most common ceiling color is white for a good reason. It reflects light onto furniture and looks nice with any type of light fixture that you install. That said, dark ceilings have also become a trend and can add a level of warmth to a room, especially if you have tall ceilings. Although light ceilings and dark walls are also common, you want to check what kind of contrast your furniture might create. After all, when it comes to matching spaces, the choice is yours to make.

What Is The Most Popular Frisco Texturing in Modern Properties?

Since a lot of neutral tones and smooth surfaces are preferred, knockdown and orange peel are commonly found in residential properties, as well as popcorn ceiling texturing in older properties.

Looking for Professional Drywall Texturing in Frisco, TX?

If you are struggling to add perfect ceiling texturing to your child’s bedroom or home office, rely on your local Frisco handyman to get the job done! Our local professionals are texture artists who do this decorative job for a living, and it’s fun and artistically stimulating!

Perhaps we’ve helped you with some home repairs that included attic insulation replacement and ceiling repair. In that case, why not get some Frisco texturing services to make your living space stand out?

We proudly serve our local neighbors in Frisco and friends who live in surrounding areas, including Little Elm, The Colony, and Aubrey. We invite you to grab the phone and call our friendly office team today. Feel free to request a convenient appointment or ask questions to learn more about our other common Frisco handyman services.

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