How to Find the Right Handyman Service in Frisco

Are all those little household projects adding up quickly?

Hiring a handyman service to tackle them makes your to-do list a lot shorter without any sweat.

Before you let anyone come near your home with a hammer, saw, or any other tool, you want to verify their qualifications. Hiring the best local handyman in Frisco takes a little research work.

Check out these steps for how to find a handyman for your home improvement projects.

Know What You Need

The scope of your project helps you determine if a handyman or specialty contractor is right for your job.

A local handyman often handles smaller scale jobs. They typically don't need to be licensed.

Certain jobs might require a special licensing. This includes projects such as HVAC, and pool contractors.

Once you determine that a handyman can do the job, think about the specifics of what you need to be done. You'll need to describe the project in detail to get an accurate project estimate.

Knowing the scope of your project also helps you find a handyman service with experience in that type of work. Verify that they've done similar projects in the past. You don't want them to learn on the job with your home if they have no experience in that type of work.

Set a Budget

Before you start your project and hire a handyman, you'll want to set your home improvement budget. This helps you evaluate how well each handyman service fits into your budget.

Knowing your budget can also help you decide on the scope of the project. Once you start contacting companies, you might find that your initial project plans are too big to fit into your budget.

You don't want to choose the cheapest handyman service. Saving money is important, but if you hire a service that is a lot cheaper than all others, it could be a sign that it doesn't do quality work.

It's tempting to hire an underpriced service to fit everything you want within your budget, but you may end up paying for it due to poor workmanship.

Ask for Handyman Service Recommendations

It's easy for a company to create a positive image on a website or social media. But it's not always easy to tell how much of that marketing is true and how much is the company creating an image.

Getting first-hand recommendations is a better way to learn what a handyman is really like. You can ask questions and get real opinions on the quality of work and knowledge of different services.

Start with people you know who have recently had work done on their homes. If you know and trust the people you ask, you're more likely to value their opinions. They may also be more willing to share honestly about their experiences.

If you don't have any personal contacts with recent handyman experiences, expand to other local recommendations. An online community group is a good place to start.

You can also check with businesses in related fields. Try the staff at a local hardware store. They might have relationships with local handyman services that buy supplies there.

If you recently bought a new house that needs some work, check with your real estate agent. They often have relationships with contractors and handyman services and can provide some recommendations.

Check for Qualifications

Find out what type of experience each service provider has in the type of project you're considering.

Looking at the overall amount of time the company has been in business can be an indicator of quality. A long-lasting handyman company likely had satisfied customers, or it wouldn't still be in business.

If you're hiring a company with multiple employees, check on the amount of experience the employees have. Ask about hiring requirements to see how the company vets its employees.

Look at Online Reviews

Online reviews can be helpful in eliminating unreliable providers. They can also help you find companies that excel at customer service.

Check overall ratings for each company. Most businesses don't have 5-star ratings. Some consumers are difficult to please and rarely give the highest rating.

The number of ratings is also a factor. If a company only has a few ratings, one low rating can drop the overall score significantly.

One or two bad ratings won't affect the score as much if the company has hundreds of ratings.

Read some of the written reviews from previous customers to get specifics on how the company works. If you notice the same complaint in several of the reviews, it could show a problem with the company.

Explore Available Services

Most handyman companies provide a wide range of basic home improvement projects. However, they don't all provide the same type of services.

Some handymen might specialize in certain types of repairs or projects. Some companies might have some projects that they don't handle.

Look for a menu of services on each company's website. If you don't see the service you need, contact the company to see if it's available. They might not list every single project on their website.

Call for More Information

After researching online and narrowing down your handyman list, call the remaining services.

Note the quality of the interactions during this call. Do you get a live person? Are they helpful or do they make you feel like you're bothering them?

Use this call to ask any questions that you still have. You might ask details on specific services.

If the company doesn't have much information on their website, get the information that's missing on the phone call.

Verify Insurance

Even though handyman companies don't typically require licensing, they should still have proper handyman insurance. The cover protects the company and you from any liability issues that could cost you a lot of money.

All handyman services should have general liability insurance. This provides coverage in case the handyman causes damage during the job.

If you hire a handyman company with multiple employees, you should also look for workers' compensation insurance. It covers the workers who enter your home to do your projects.

You want that coverage for the employees to ensure they're fully protected in case they get hurt on your property.

You can request copies of insurance certificates from a handyman service you plan to hire. For verification purposes, you can also call the insurance company to make sure the policy hasn't lapsed.

Ask About Permits

Certain projects that handyman services complete require a permit from the local or state building inspection department. The requirements and processes vary depending on where you live.

In Frisco, you need a permit for many residential projects, including fences, sheds, arbors, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and home additions.

Other projects, such as staining decks or refinishing hardwood floors, don't require permits.

Jobs that a handyman service handles often don't require permits. However, if you're hiring for a larger job, you might need a permit.

Do your research first to find out if the local building authority requires a permit for your project. It's ultimately your responsibility to make sure you get the right permits.

When talking to the handyman service, ask them who is responsible for securing the permits. If they tell you that a permit isn't necessary when you know your project requires one, look for a different service. You want a company that follows regulations and does the work properly.

Get a Quote

Ask for quotes on the project from multiple handyman companies. Look for a detailed breakdown of the costs, including how much you'll pay for supplies and labor. Smaller jobs may not lend themselves well to quotes, nor is it sensible to expect two visits to provide a quote on smaller jobs. But the technician should be able to give you an estimated range upon arrival to perform the work..

The quotes should be similar between local companies for larger jobs, but you'll likely notice some variations. Verify that the companies are giving quotes for the same services. Some might include additional services or extra charges.

Look for companies on the extreme end, either a lot cheaper or more expensive than the others. A lowball estimate could be a red flag for poor quality.

When you get a quote, ask about the payment policies. Avoid companies that require you to pay before they do the work.

Some companies may ask you to pay a percentage of the total cost before starting work. If the handyman is buying the materials, you might need to pay for them upfront.

Paying for the entire job before work starts could result in the company flaking and you being out the money.

Ask for References

Another way to choose a contractor is to check with former customers. If you heard about the company through a personal recommendation, you already have one reference. You might ask if you can see the work the handyman did to judge the quality of the workmanship.

It's a good idea to check with other customers to see if the experience is consistent.

Most home improvement companies can give you a list of past customers. Contact a few of them to hear about their experiences working with the company.

Check for Guarantees and Warranties

Companies that do home improvement projects sometimes offer guarantees or warranties for the work and materials they use. A company that's willing to back up its work will likely do a good job on your project.

Guarantees and warranties can save you money if something goes wrong. It's your protection against poor workmanship.

It can also protect you if the handyman uses faulty or poor-quality materials in the project.

With a guarantee, you know the problem should be corrected if something isn't up to your standards. Without one, the handyman might refuse to correct the issue. You might need to hire someone else to fix the problem, which means you'll pay for the work again.

Determine Availability

A handyman service that is busy is a good sign. It means the company has lots of customers, which is usually an indicator of quality work.

However, too much work could mean availability is limited. You might have to wait longer than you want to get the home improvement projects completed.

Ask about the current workload, including the scope of the projects the company is working on right now. Find out when you can get your project on the schedule.

Ask for a Written Agreement

Before letting the handyman start the project, ask for a written agreement. The agreement should include the project scope with specifics on what the service provider will do.

It should also include the cost of the service and the timeline for completing the project. Smaller projects may simply include an hourly rate..

If the handyman doesn't typically do written contracts, you can create your own.

Having something in writing protects you if the project doesn't go as planned. Without a written agreement, you don't have a way to prove what the handyman told you. You won't have many options for taking action if you're unsatisfied with the work.

The document also gives you a reference. It can be difficult to remember all of the details of your conversations. A written agreement can help you remember what you discussed.

Start With a Small Project

If you're still unsure about your choice, start by hiring a handyman for a small project.

Unlike contractors who might choose to only accept larger jobs, handyman services typically accept projects of all sizes. This makes it easy to hire the service you're considering for something small and simple, such as grouting a backsplash.

Pay attention to the punctuality of the technician. How is the customer service? Do they take care to protect your home and clean up after themselves?

If you're happy with the work on this test project, you can hire the company for a larger job, such as replacing siding, or other projects around the house.

Find the Right Handyman Service

Finding a handyman service that you trust makes it easier to take care of the little problems that inevitably pop up when you own a home. The initial screen takes some time, but you know who to call in the future once you vet the service.

If you live in the Frisco area and need a handyman to tackle projects, contact us today.