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What are some ideas to best use my attic?

Attic Remodel Offers Additional Space, Unique Opportunities

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If you’re looking to add living space to your home, consider building up instead of out. Many homes offer sufficient attic space that can provide a terrific new home office, media room, play area, or bedroom. Renovating an attic is typically less expensive and less complicated than building an addition onto the home. For safety, be sure to consult with, and if necessary, utilize the skills of a professional to help with certain aspects of the renovation.

There are several things to consider when planning an attic remodel. If uninsulated, the attic will need either fiberglass batting or spray-foam insulation. Homes can lose a lot of heat through the roof, so many experts recommend paying extra for spray-foam insulation, which offers a tighter air barrier and takes up less space.

You’ll also want to consider the noise factor. Beefing up the floor joists and filling the spaces with blown-in insulation will keep noise from being as noticeable on the floors below. Carpet or area rugs will also help keep noise levels down.

Experts recommend following the “rule of 7s”. Most building codes usually require at least half of a finished attic to have 7’ high ceilings; the area must also be at least 7’ wide and 70 square feet in total. A professional can help assess how the rule applies to your attic and how adding dormers can help with height issues. A professional engineer or contractor should also check the structure itself; the home’s foundation and framing should be inspected to ensure it can carry the extra weight.

An attic remodel usually provides a variety of unique storage opportunities. Drawers, cabinets, and cubbies are huge space-savers, and can be recessed into the walls. Awkward niches provide interesting ways to add shelving and other storage areas. For more information and additional ideas for an attic remodel, please contact:

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