Bathroom Repairs in Boulder, CO

Did you know that there are many bathroom repairs that don’t require a plumber? At Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie, we’ve helped many homeowners with broken shower doors, cracked caulking, and water damage—even though we aren’t a plumbing service.

Although you’ll need a plumber for backed-up sinks, running toilets, or clogged showers, there are many bathroom repairs that can be fixed with one call to Mr. Handyman. Our highly experienced technicians can knock off a range of repairs with just one visit to your Boulder home. To discover more about how we can complete your bathroom repairs, keep reading!

10 Common Bathroom Repairs We Can Take Care Of

Even the smallest issue in your bathroom can be aggravating. Since bathrooms are one of the highest-traffic areas of your home, not only is it common for damage to occur, but it also means when things aren’t working properly your entire household could feel frustrated. When your cabinets won’t close correctly, you’ve noticed water damage on your wall, or your shower head is leaking, our handyman professionals are the team for the job. We’ll get your bathroom repairs sorted efficiently and professionally so you can enjoy being in the bathroom, instead of being inconvenienced.

1. Bathroom Fan Installation and Repair

Your bathroom fan is one of the most important parts of the room. Exhaust fans remove moisture that could otherwise warp and damage drywall, cabinets, and molding. Also, fans remove and mitigate bathroom odors—including fumes from cleaning agents and chemicals. When your bathroom fan does not work properly, say the motor has burned out or there is a faulty electrical connection, the entire bathroom is affected. Humidity levels will increase and possibly cause harmful bacteria to develop.

Generally, fans are common bathroom repairs; you’ll know it’s time to call the pros at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie to replace your exhaust fan when:

  • You hear a mechanical or clunking noise each time the fan is turned on or off

  • You notice the mirror stays fogged up even when the fan is supposed to be running

  • You can’t hear the fan motor when you turn it on

  • The fan has been operating for more than 10 years

2. Caulking

Caulk is a waterproof filler and sealant used to seal gaps between one material and another. You can find caulking tracing your window frame where it attaches to the siding of your home, along crown molding where it’s affixed to the wall, and in the bathroom between the tub and the wall. Because caulk is waterproof, its primary function is to prevent possible damage from water seeping between the tub and the wall.

When applied correctly—say by the expert technicians at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie—then the caulking should last for around 5 years. However, caulking is not impervious to damage. Cracked and warped caulk can create a breeding ground for a range of bacteria that will not only rot your drywall, but may also smell unpleasant and be harmful to your health.

If you’ve noticed you caulking is cracked, coming off the tub, or is turning black, pink, or orange, it’s imperative to call one of our technicians right away. We’ll remove the damaged caulk and replace it so your bathroom stays bacteria and rot free.

3. Drywall Repairs and Finishing

Drywall can get damaged in a number of ways, but the most common issue with drywall in the bathroom is water damage. Whether your fan doesn't work properly, your children constantly forget to turn the fan on, or a leaking pipe has stained the wall, drywall that’s suffered water damage needs to be replaced.

Drywall is a popular building material for a reason. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and fire resistant. However, it’s also very porous. When drywall is damaged from excess humidity or a leak, it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Not to mention, sodden drywall can easily collapse—making a big hole in your bathroom wall. Although drywall does not structurally support your home, having a gaping hole is unpleasant to look at and detracts from your home’s aesthetic.

If you notice these signs that your drywall is water damaged, you need to call a professional handyman service to remove and replace the drywall promptly:

  • Brown or black staining on the ceiling or wall

  • Bulging or bubbling areas

  • Mushy or spongy patches on the wall

Our skillful technicians will expertly remove the damaged drywall, replace it with a fresh sheet, and seamlessly join the new sheet to the existing drywall. We’ll also smooth over the joints and give your space a fresh coat of paint so the bathroom repair looks like it never happened.

4. Light Fixture Installation

Changing your light fixtures is an easy way to alter the look and feel of your bathroom without an extensive renovation. For example, something as simple as swapping out cool-toned light bulbs for warm-tones can turn a stark bathroom into a cozy one. Also, adding a chandelier to where you initially had a standard flush light can make your bathroom exude luxury.

That said, lights can often be tricky to reach and heavy to transport. Even changing a light bulb on your ceiling can pose difficulties if you don’t have access to a ladder or are uncomfortable with heights. Not to worry, however, because our friendly technicians can effortlessly and carefully change your light fixtures—and give your bathroom its own mini-makeover in the process.

5. Shower Door Installation and Repair

Perhaps you’d like to install a sliding glass door to replace your shower curtain, or your current shower door has come off the track and you can’t get it to slide into place. Our handyman professionals can help with many of these common bathroom repairs.

Installing a glass door in your bathroom can increase the visual appeal of the space and boost your home’s resale value—particularly if the glass door is kept in good condition. That said, there are a few common issues with sliding glass doors including rusty or bacteria ridden tracks, gummed-up rollers, and broken tracks and rollers. Hinge doors are not impervious to damage either, as the hinges can rust or stick—causing problems with the door’s ability to close properly and protect your floors from water damage.

The good news is even if you experience problems with your shower doors, most of these concerns can be easily repaired by the experts at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie. And, if your shower door can’t be repaired, we’re also highly skilled at installing new doors.

6. Shower head Replacement

Has your shower head seen better days? Despite your efforts to keep it clean, if your current fixture has rusted and/or corroded to the point where your water pressure is affected, you've noticed bacteria buildup on the shower head, or it’s leaking ceaselessly, it’s time for a new one.

Another great reason to replace your shower head is to reduce water wastage. Many modern shower head manufacturers have eco-friendly models that lower water consumption—benefiting both the planet and your wallet. Less water consumption means lower water bills and energy use.

If you need a new shower head because your current one is irreparably damaged or bacteria ridden or you simply want to do your part for the environment, our team can help you make the swap.

7. Vanity and Mirror Installation

Unless you’ve moved into a fixer-upper with a damaged bathroom vanity and mirror, it’s most likely you’d invest in a new vanity because you want to change the style of your bathroom. Installing a new vanity may seem a little daunting—after all, it’s one of the focal points in the bathroom and takes up a lot of space—but it’s actually a relatively straightforward process. Our handyman experts have experienced their fair share of vanity installations, so you can rest assured that we’ll carefully carry and place your new vanity. We’ll delicately handle your mirrors to prevent damage, and hook-up all your plumbing fixtures when the new vanity is installed so you can use it right away.

8. Tile Installation and Repair

When it comes to bathroom repairs, issues with tiling is one of the most common problems. Most Boulder homes are tiled in ceramic and porcelain. While these materials are highly durable and water resistant, that doesn’t mean they can’t get damaged. Whether you accidentally opened the shower door too hard and it slammed into the backsplash or a curling iron fell and chipped your tile floor, chipped, dented, and cracked tiles need to be fixed right away.

Damaged tiles are not only an eyesore in your otherwise beautiful bathroom, but it can also pose a safety hazard. Firstly, it’s very easy for one barefoot to walk across a sharp broken tile and get cut. If this happens in the shower, one of your family members could be caught off balance and slip on the wet surface. Also, although ceramic and porcelain tiles are water resistant, when they’re damaged water can seep through the crack and moisten the drywall or subfloor beneath. Water damage is a serious problem in bathrooms, as it requires significant repairs. However, catching broken tiles early is key to preventing sodden drywall and bacteria growing in your subfloor.

9. Cabinet Installation and Repair

An important part of any bathroom is its storage—particularly the cabinetry. Like your vanity, cabinets take up a lot of real estate in the bathroom. They also serve an important function: to keep all your toiletries, cleaning products, and towels organized. However, since bathrooms are both high-traffic and high-humidity areas, it’s quite common for cabinets to suffer enough wear and tear to mandate needed repairs or replacement.

At Mr. Handyman, our skilled technicians can assist with a range of cabinetry repairs including:

  • Repairing and replacing rusty hinges

  • Installing new cabinet handles and knobs

  • Sanding and refinishing wood cabinets

  • Replacing cabinet doors

  • Fixing squeaky cabinets

  • Repairing warped wood cabinets

  • Installing new cabinets

  • Hanging medicine cabinets

10. Bathroom Remodel

Last but not least, if it’s a bathroom overhaul you’re looking for, our contractors are the team for the job. There are many reasons to renovate your bathroom, including:

  • Boosting your home’s resale value

  • Making your home more appealing to prospective buyers

  • Making your bathroom more accessible to aging family members

  • Enabling family members with mobility issues to more easily use the bathroom

  • Enriching your bathroom’s interior design

  • Creating an oasis for you to relax in at the end of the day

  • Making your bathroom’s layout more suitable to your growing family’s needs

No matter what your unique vision is for the bathroom in your Boulder home, our technicians can make it a reality. We’ll not only provide outstanding craftsmanship, but will also be transparent with you throughout the renovation process. We can give helpful advice regarding what materials are best for your new cabinets or tiling, and ensure we keep our work area tidy throughout the renovation. We offer upfront pricing to all our clients, so you can trust that you’ve been charged fairly for our work. Lastly, we’ll always leave your home clean at the end of the renovation—so you can enjoy your new bathroom without the hassle of a big cleanup.

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