Make The Most of Handyman Services in Boulder, CO

Are you thinking about calling a local handyman service to help fix that doorknob dent in your wall? Accessing local handyman services is always as easy as dialing a phone number or requesting an appointment online. If you contact one of the best companies in Boulder, you'll have an excellent experience, but a few extra steps is all it takes to upgrade your excellent handyman experience into an unparalleled visit from your local home improvement specialists.

If you're one of Boulder's more knowledgeable homeowners or business owners, then you know there are a few tricks to taking advantage of handyman services from a local company. On the other hand, if you've never hired a home repair professional before, you'll be glad you took the time to find out the best ways to use a handyman.

The local handyman team at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield and Erie is dedicated to helping the members of our community. We know that hiring a professional to help with issues in your property can be a source of stress, questions, and confusion. If you fail to fully use your local service professionals, you might miss out on some of the benefits that should always come with handyman services in Boulder. We want you to know how to best utilize the wide range of handyman services offered by local companies like us, so you never have to worry about missing out!

1. Do Your Research

When you're picking apples at the grocery store, do you settle for the first option you can find, or do you look for the shiniest, most faultless, tasty morsels? Taking the time to properly research each company providing handyman services in Boulder provides similar results to spending time searching for the most succulent apples. Regular apples are tasty, and regular service professionals are fine too. Perfect apples are amazing though — and so are exceptional home improvement professionals!

How Do You Pick Perfect Professionals?

Knowing how to choose the right Boulder handyman isn't easy, but there are some general characteristics that you should always look for. Start by considering what you need and comparing those requirements to the popular services available from each company. You can easily eliminate any companies that don't offer solutions for your problems.

After that starting step, continue your research by calling local companies and asking for references from close acquaintances. Confirm that any potential companies meet all the standards required for providing excellent services.

Key Handyman Service Standards Include:

  • Positive references & reviews

  • Comprehensive skill sets

  • Experience

  • Insurance & certification

  • Guaranteed work

  • Honest, courteous communication

2. Use One Appointment for Multiple Jobs

Most skilled professionals in Boulder are capable of completing multiple handyman jobs during the same visit. Before you make a call to your chosen company, create a list of everything that you need — or want. A professional that provides drywall repairs could also solve problems related to other interior issues, like cracked crown molding or even with furniture assembly.

Services provided by a local handyman are also helpful for exterior projects and outdoor repairs. Do you have faded siding, splintered fences, or broken deck boards? Your home improvement professionals are available to help with that. If you choose an especially comprehensive company, you can even get service for things like gutter repairs and fence installation.

If you've chosen a handyman with a complete skill set, then you'll benefit from getting their help for multiple issues. Fixing multiple problems at the same time saves time, effort, and your peace of mind. Once all those essential projects are done, you'll be able to focus on more exciting things — like potential renovation projects!

3. Start Your Renovations — & Finish Them

Did you start a tile installation project last month that's taking longer than you thought it would? Is your new ceiling fan still sitting in the garage? Handyman services aren't just a resource for necessary repairs in Boulder. You can also make use of an experienced pro during projects like a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. In fact, for many property owners in Boulder, that's the superior way to complete those jobs on time and on budget.

What Kind of Remodeling Will a Handyman Help With?

Your local jack-of-all-trades is available for several significant projects, both inside and outside your house. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the most common areas where trade professionals help people in Boulder, but only because those areas are used so often that they tend to wear down quickly. Don't forget to think about other areas of your property that might need an update.

Potential Professional Renovation Projects Include:

  • New Kitchen tiling & bathroom tiling

  • Kitchen countertop replacement

  • Drywall installation for a basement remodel

  • Brand-new storage area construction

  • Home office conversions

  • Ceiling fan installation

  • Patio, porch, & deck upgrades

  • Extensive fence repairs

4. Finish Your Seasonal Maintenance

Few Boulder homeowners enjoy doing the basic tasks required for annual home maintenance every spring and fall. For some people, that seemingly limitless list of little chores is an unavoidable obstacle. Those chores should be finished, but you don't have to do them.

The services provided by a handyman include assistance for all your ongoing maintenance projects. They'll always be here to help with a difficult task like tile installation for a new bathroom, but they'll help with basic tasks too.

Common Maintenance Service Requests Include:

  • Pressure washing

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Siding, soffit, & fascia repairs

  • Window repairs

  • Exterior & interior trim repairs

  • Fence repairs

  • Deck painting, staining, & refinishing

  • Door repairs

5. Create Custom Solutions

An experienced trade professional is most happy when they create something helpful, outstanding, and unique. Every building in Boulder has individual quirks — and challenges. Creating custom solutions might not be among the most popular services that home improvement experts offer, but few qualified professionals would be unhappy working on iconic, outstanding projects — and all property owners are happy with specialized custom features!

Optional Custom Features Include:

  • Specific storage solutions

  • Noteworthy new cabinets

  • Magnificent mantels

  • Custom shelves & bookcases

  • Stand-out tile patterns

  • Crown molding

  • Panel molding

  • Chair rails & picture rails

  • Custom window casing

  • Wainscoting

6. Create a Space to Age in Place

Are you worried about how accessible and safe your home will be when you're older? Nobody in Boulder should ever have to leave their safe haven because it's become too uncomfortable and inconvenient. There are solutions for those problems — and answers to those concerns about safety, convenience, and accessibility.

You might be surprised to learn just how many accessibility features exist for private properties. Even with just minor home accessibility improvements, you'll get major improvements to your safety, happiness, and quality of life — no matter how old you are. We've never met anybody who turned their nose up at the idea of a comfortable built-in shower bench.

Home Accessibility Improvements Include:

  • Guardrails & handrails

  • Wider doorways

  • Grab bars

  • Higher toilet seats

  • Improved shower heads

  • Enhanced lighting

  • Lower light switches

  • Replacing round door knobs & drawer pulls with new handles

7. Get Professional Advice

Boulder property owners often feel like they're supposed to know everything about all the different parts of their residence, but that's not true. A lot of people own a car in Boulder, but the city isn't being overrun by mechanics. Most Boulder residents rely on trained, certified, knowledgeable professionals for a variety of needs. Fixing property problems and providing upgrades is a professional handyman's area of expertise.

Whether you're trying to figure out where to start a remodeling project, you need to ask about some concerning damage on your siding, or you're just curious about pressure washing your driveway, you can always ask a local handyman. We're sure they'd be happy to answer your questions — and solve your problems.

Are You Ready to Make the Best of the Available Handyman Services in Boulder, CO?

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