Charleston Home Improvements to Increase Property Value & Energy Efficiency

The time has come—you're thinking of selling your residential property in Charleston, SC and looking for ways to increase property value before you put it on the market. Or, maybe you aren't going anywhere just yet, as long as you can figure out how to make the charges on your monthly utility bill a lot more manageable. Both those problems can be solved with expert Charleston home improvements.

When it comes to home improvement projects that can increase property value or make your home more energy efficient, there's actually a lot of overlap. It makes sense if you think about it: prospective homeowners want to know that their new house won't bleed them dry with out-of-control energy costs, so raising the value of your house isn't all about appearances. This guide gives ideas for home improvements by a skilled Charleston handyman that can increase property value or keep money in your bank account by making your house more energy efficient—or both.

Whether you need basic home repairs to achieve your goals with your residential property, or you're thinking big with some major home improvements, the qualified team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville can help.

Home Improvements That Increase Property Value in Charleston, SC

It's no secret that there are some classic home improvements that can really boost your property's aesthetic appeal and help convince prospective buyers to seal the deal on your house. If you choose carefully, and have the work done by an experienced handyman like the ones on our team, you can get a great return on investment via an increase in selling price. Or, you may have no intention of selling and just want to make your house more appealing and comfortable for your family. Either way, these Charleston home improvements will make a big impact on the appearance and function of your home.

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is probably one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of home improvements. They are the most utilitarian rooms in any house with lots of fixtures and built-in components, so they represent a big investment of time and money. That's why a newly-remodeled bathroom or kitchen is so high up on many buyers' wish lists.

You may be wary of gutting the entire room and starting from scratch, but the good news is that it's not always necessary to create a visually and functionally impactful change that will impress potential homebuyers. Smaller changes such as new kitchen countertops or cabinets, or converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower, or even replacing tile on the floor or wall can make a huge difference by making the room feel more modern, up-to-date and neutral. Planning home remodeling in Charleston, SC? Here are eight things you should do first.

Because there are so many options available for finishes, fixtures, design elements and other parts of your bathroom or kitchen remodel, the planning phase can be a big challenge. Above all, you want to keep in mind that you're designing for the new buyer, whoever they may be. If you make some smart choices, you can get an excellent return on investment when you're ready to sell. Here are a few tips for the perfect value-increasing remodel:

  • Choose neutral, classic colors, fixtures and hardware that can be styled in a number of ways depending on the buyer's personal sense of taste. Neutral, unobtrusive style options go a long way when you're selling a house because they make it easier for the potential buyer to imagine themselves living there with their own belongings. For example, white cabinets may feel bland to you, but they are less likely to be noticed in a negative way and they're easy for a buyer to alter if they want to.

  • Steer away from expensive luxury choices like marble countertops, or design elements that are very unique and distinctive. They will increase your costs and may not be what the buyer is looking for. Stick with quality materials, like ceramic tile or quartz countertops, that are attractive and durable but not overly flashy.

  • Simple additions like a hanging pot rack or heated towel rack can make your room feel more complete and filled out, and give buyers a sense that they are getting extra amenities that make the whole house more move-in ready.

  • Stop and think before you make a decision to relocate fixtures such as a toilet. Changing the location of plumbed-in fixtures is a lot more time-consuming and costly than simply putting a new fixture in the same place as the old one, so you can save time and money by keeping the layout more or less the same. Most bathrooms in particular follow a few tried-and-true layouts that are designed to maximize floor space in a small area.

Whether you want to make a few tweaks here and there or change everything, our Charleston handyman team can take care of the entire process from floor to ceiling.

Open Floor Plan

Most new houses in the Summerville and Charleston, SC areas are designed and built with open or semi-open floor plans. That might mean the kitchen, dining area and family room are all grouped together in one large space, or even that nearly the entire main floor is a large open space with different areas demarcated by furniture arrangements. This style tends to be preferred by young families and those who like to socialize at home, because it makes it a lot easier to keep an eye on the kids or chat with guests while you're in the kitchen. It also gives the house a more spacious feeling than having all the gathering places closed off in separate rooms.

If you have an older home with a closed-off kitchen, dining room and family room, you may want to consider opening it up a little by having your local Charleston handyman remove walls that aren't load-bearing. That makes it a lot easier to compete with newer homes on the market because you're giving buyers what they want and expect from a modern floor plan. You don't necessarily have to get rid of all the walls (and that may not be possible) but even just creating a combined kitchen and dining area, or combining a family room and parlor into one big space can make a drastic difference. Another option is to avoid removing the wall altogether but still open it up a bit with a pass-through from the kitchen to your dining room or family room. That makes it easier to hold a conversation between the rooms, and also makes it much easier to move dishes between the dining area and kitchen when you're preparing for supper.

Pressure Washing

When you need a fast, simple, inexpensive way to make a big difference in property value and create a change that will really wow buyers, pressure washing should be number one on your list. This highly effective and efficient cleaning method can get your outdoor surfaces and items, from vinyl siding to concrete driveways and pathways, sparkling clean. When we're done with thorough pressure washing services, the exterior of your house will be looking as good as it did the day it was finished being built.

Charleston Home Improvements That Increase Energy Efficiency

Whether you are planning to sell your Charleston home and move, or you're staying right where you are, nobody likes the thought of paying more than necessary on their monthly utility bill. But when your house suffers wear and tear damage over time and certain parts begin to deteriorate, that's exactly what happens.

Here's the problem: the biggest expenses by far on your utility bill are for heating and cooling. That's true even if your property is in perfect condition, because your HVAC system needs to draw a lot of energy to keep your home at the temperature you have set on your thermostat. But when you have issues such as inadequate attic insulation or damaged window frames, the warm or cool air from your HVAC escapes outside and your heater or air conditioner have to operate for much longer—and rack up big energy charges—to compensate for the air leaks. Here are a few home improvements in Charleston that will make a big difference for your energy savings.

Attic Insulation

In most Charleston homes, the attic isn't so much a livable part of the house as it is a dusty gap between the top floor and roof. But even if you rarely (or never) venture up there, it needs to be properly insulated to avoid energy loss. Roofs are often made to get wet and dry out naturally with ventilation, which extends to the attic itself. That's why attic insulation typically goes on the floor of your attic, not the walls or underside of your roof. If the whole attic is sealed with insulation, your roof can't "breathe" and rid itself of excess moisture, which leads to problems such as wood rot that can compromise the stability of the structure.

By coating the floor of your attic with insulation, your handyman prevents air movement between the attic and upper floor of your home, keeping the livable space toasty warm while at the same time allowing for roof ventilation. That helps your house hold in warm or cool air from your HVAC system, reducing your energy costs significantly.

Drywall Repair

It may seem surprising that cracks, holes, water stains and other types of drywall damage can make your home less energy efficient, because the drywall isn't on the outside of the house. But compromised drywall lets that warm and cool air into the interior of your walls, greatly increasing the volume of air space your HVAC system needs to cover. The effects might not be quite as dramatic as air leakage to the outdoors, but drywall damage can still cause a noticeable increase on your monthly utility bill.

Drywall damage is also, of course, an unsightly cosmetic problem that will be a huge turn-off for potential homebuyers. Our Charleston handyman team will take care of every part of the repair process, including joint taping, mudding, sanding and refinishing to make the repair completely invisible. As an added bonus, getting those drywall issues repaired also improves sound separation between rooms and helps to discourage pest infestations.

Window Replacement

Do you avoid sitting near that one window in the winter because there always seems to be a chilly draft of air coming from it? Window replacement or repair are home improvements that will go the extra mile to increase both energy efficiency and property value. In fact, according to a study by the National Association of Home Builders titled What Home Buyers Really Want, 2021 Edition, Energy Star-rated windows are the number four most wanted feature out of more than 200 options. Energy Star is a program run jointly by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to certify products and buildings that meet certain standards of energy efficiency.

Having your local handyman put in attractive replacement windows will improve your curb appeal and can make your home more pleasant to be in. Any realtor who is showing your home to their clients will be sure to point out new, energy-efficient windows because they're a huge selling feature, so window replacement is a great way to get a solid return on investment or just make your home more comfortable and less expensive for you to live in.

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