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There’s nothing like a deck, porch, or patio to help brighten up your day. Has your deck or patio seen better days? If you’re looking for quick, professional deck repair, trust Mr. Handyman of Kalamazoo-St. Joseph.

From wood rot repair to wobbly handrails, we’re your local one-call solution for your deck, patio, and porch repair needs. For your peace of mind, we back our repairs with a one-year warranty and we’re backed by many positive reviews.

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5 Common Patio and Deck Repairs We Can Handle

Your deck or patio provides relaxation, entertainment, and a seamless connection to nature. However, exposure to the elements and regular use can lead to a range of issues that require professional attention. Our handyman is your go-to source for addressing these common deck and patio problems.

Here are just a few ways we can help fix your patio or deck:

  • Wood Rot and Decay. Exposure to moisture can cause wood to rot and deteriorate, affecting the overall appearance and stability of your deck. We can repair or replace damaged wood components, restoring your deck's beauty and strength.
  • Loose or Wobbly Railings. Loose or wobbly railings not only pose a safety risk but also detract from the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Our craftsmen can secure and stabilize railings, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.
  • Cracked or Uneven Pavers. Uneven or cracked pavers in your patio can create tripping hazards and disrupt the visual harmony of your outdoor area. We can re-level or replace pavers, ensuring a smooth and safe surface for walking and lounging.
  • Faded or Peeling Finishes. The finish on your deck or patio can fade and peel due to exposure to the sun and weather. We can refinish or repaint your deck or patio surfaces, restoring their vibrancy and protecting them from further damage.
  • Board Replacement. Individual deck boards that are splintered, cracked, or warped can be unsightly and hazardous. We can replace damaged boards, ensuring a smooth and inviting outdoor surface.

Does your deck or patio need essential repairs, extensive renovations, or aesthetic upgrades? We can help.

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Kalamazoo Deck & Patio Repairs Backed with A Warranty

We’re confident in our ability and experience to repair your deck, patio, or porch. But for your peace of mind, we’ll back your service with a one-year warranty. If something wasn’t done right, just reach out to us within a year of your service. We’ll make it right.

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